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NBC's The Voice is off to a fantastic start; the singers are terrific, and the chemistry between the judges has never been better. Yet, one judge is stealing the show this year and that is pop queen Christina Aguilera!

Already on this season of The Voice, Christina has kissed a female contestant, feuded with Blake over the best singers, and as of last episode, gave a killer duet with another contestant. Watch some of Christina's best moments below!

1: In one episode, she feuded with Blake over who really runs the show:

2. In another, she kissed a female contestant:

3. And finally, she performed a killer duet with contestant Joe Mayes:

There is no doubt about it! This season of The Voice, Christina Aguilera is the judge producing the most "water-cooler" moments of the show. What will she do next?? Are you enjoying Christina on The Voice this season? What have been your favorite moments of The Voice so far?


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