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Have you ever watched one of your favorite movies and wondered what crazy nonsense happened behind the scenes? How did the actors get along? Well I'm about to answer those questions as I count up eight of the craziest facts about famous films. Let's start with:

1. Sigourney Weaver is an All-Star


I'm not gonna lie, Alien: Resurrection is a pretty terrible movie with some actual decent actors in it such as Ron Pearlman, Brad Dourif, Winona Ryder and Sigourney herself who is a veteran of the franchise. The movie takes place hundreds of years into the future where Ripley has been cloned with Alien DNA and this makes her superhuman… for some odd reason. To show this off, Ripley starts playing basketball with her male co-stars and starts wiping the floor with them because apparently Alien DNA also makes you amazing at sports… man this movie is lame.

However at the end of the scene when Ripley is walking off the court, she does a trick backwards shot right into the basket and amazes everyone. What you probably didn’t know is that Sigourney Weaver made that shot all on her own without the help of CGI. The director said that they will just CGI the ball into the basket but Sigourney refused and requested that she try and make the basket herself and in just a few takes, she does. Harlem Globetrotters got nothing on this gal.

2. Michael Myer’s Mask was just a Captain Kirk mask painted white

Halloween is considered a horror classic that set the stage for the horror genre and a lot of what makes the movie so terrifying is the mask that Michael wears to hide his face. Where did they get that mask, did they make it themselves, did a lot of planning go into the making process of the mask? Nope, it’s just a Captain Kirk mask spray-painted white. The costume designer had a limited budget so he picked up the mask at a garage sale for two dollars. Doesn’t that make the movie a little less scary, Jaime Lee Curtis running away from a psychotic William Shatner… or does that make it more scary?

3. Nothing interrupts Leonardo DiCaprio’s Acting


Leonardo finally won that Oscar gold and it must have been exhausting for him. I mean he sacrificed his body in Django Unchained and barely got a golden globe nomination. In Django Unchained, Leo plays a plantation owner named Calvin Candie who enjoys watching slaves fight each other to death for sport and gambling. Django and his friend Dr. Schultz travel there to save Django’s wife by tricking Calvin into thinking that they want a prized fighter of their own. When Calvin becomes aware of their intentions and after Calvin smashes a glass in anger, his hand starts to bleed.

However, that was not special effects, Leonardo was so into the scene that he didn’t notice that he had just made a huge gash in his hand. Remember when Calvin takes his bloody hand and wipes it on Kerry Washington’s face, that was real blood. It wasn’t until after the director yelled cut that Leo discovered he was bleeding quite rapidly and Kerry had the death look on him. It was worth it though... maybe.

4. Howard the Duck is actually a… Blessing???

Alright get this… Howard the Duck is a movie that follows a humanoid duck that is sucked from another dimension that inhabits other humanoid ducks. He is unable to return to his dimension, so he gets a job, gets an apartment, gets a kinda girlfriend and even aliens attack from another dimension… and on top of all this George Lucas produced it. This movie is just as bad as you are making it out to be right now but the kicker is that it may have been a blessing.

After the movie was released, it became a huge box office flop (big shock) and sent George Lucas into massive, crippling debt and he had to sell off parts of Lucasfilm. Steve Jobs, head of Apple, offered to buy Lucas's new computer animation division at the asking price. That division soon became… Pixar. Yep, if Howard the Duck hadn’t been created then we might have never gotten Toy Story, Monster’s Inc, Incredibles, Up, Finding Nemo, Wall-E, Ratatouille, or A Bug’s Life. I guess this means I can’t hate the movie anymore… I hate it less then before.

5. The Great Escape hit one cast member a little too close to home

The Great Escape follows a bunch of Allied P.O.W.s in German camp who plan to escape with hundreds of other prisoners. The movie starred many classic and legendary actors including Steve McQueen, Charles Bronson, James Garner, James Coburn and Richard Attenborough. However, there was one actor that this movie probably hit a little too close to home for.

Donald Pleasence was an actual P.o.W back in WWII who was shot down during a raid on Agenville and was imprisoned for a year in a Stalag Luft. Must have been pretty weird for him on the set of the film.

6. Forget it Faye, It’s Chinatown

Chinatown is classic film that is considered one of the greatest crime dramas ever made. However, a lot of you may not know that Roman Polanski was a hard man to please whilst filming. Roman would not move on from a scene unless the scene was 100% perfect in his image and it made everyone else exhausted. However, Faye was no longer going to take anymore of his crap when Roman refused to let the actress go to the bathroom. In protest, Faye did the most mature and sound-minded thing she could think of at the moment.

She pissed into a coffee mug and threw it in Roman’s face… I guess it was very quick decision on Faye’s part. This of course did not diffuse any situation, it just made things harder to get done and made Roman more difficult to work with. Long story short, they never did another movie together and Roman is a sex offender.

7. No one escapes the Twilight Zone


In 1983, a movie based on the popular TV show was created and it was all-around OK. The movie incorporated four of the more popular Twilight Zone stories with all new cast members and more special effects, and for the most part it was fine. However, the first segment was about a man (played Vic Marrow) who walks into a bar to meet friends and starts complaining about all the “n*****s” and “ch***s” stealing jobs and ruining America. However, when he leaves the bar, he’s sent back in time of slavery, the Vietnam war, the KKK and other parts of history where people had to fight for equal rights.

Unfortunately, while filming the Vietnam war scene, Vic Marrow was directed to carry two Vietnamese children while a helicopter was flying over. The helicopter crashed, decapitated Vic Marrow and killed the two kids in a matter of seconds. They were able to finish the movie with the scenes Vic filmed already but nobody was right after that day.

8. Someone should call PETA

Apocalypse Now is a Vietnam war movie that stars Martin Sheen as Captain Willard, who is given the assignment to locate and terminate a renegade colonel who has set himself a tribe that worships him as a god. When he arrives at the compound, he finds Colonel Kurtz has become quite insane from the war and after killing Willard’s companions, gives Willard freedom to roam around the compound. At night, the tribe begins slaughtering a water buffalo for some ceremony while Willard tries to sneak in and kill the Colonel.

Unfortunately, the water buffalo they are slaughtering in the movie was real because animal rights and laws were not implemented back in those days so no one batted an eye on it. You literally see the tribes people slice this poor beast up with machetes in great detail and it’s all the more disturbing when you find out it’s all real. The 70’s was a weird time.

Did I forget any crazy movie facts? Do you know any crazy movie facts? Leave a comment below


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