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Have you ever read an article news update where your jaw literally drops? I haven't until this week when I found out that Sony is continuing to go through with the solo Venom movie which was a part of Sony's 'Spider-Man cinematic universe', which was going to turn out to be an absolute mess including a Venom solo movie, Spider-Gwen, Sinister Six (without Spidey), and an Aunt May movie!

Best day of our lives!
Best day of our lives!

Marvel could never see their best superhero go through this so they made their deal with Sony. As they share the Spider-Man we are about to see in the future of the MCU, Sony is still trying to make money off on the side. For example, they are making an animated Spider-Man movie, which will probably end up going home video, but will still get them some cash. The Venom solo movie, which is separate from the MCU entirely and would only feature Venom and no other Spider-Man characters, is a very risky, stupid, and desperate attempt, I'll say it. If this comic book movie couldn't be set up to fail anymore, wait until you see who the rumored director is, who has directed the biggest comic book flop since Green Lantern.

Josh Trank

It was rumored for a while that Josh Trank was in negotiations for directing the Venom movie, and everyone thought that would be a great decision. Little did we know both the Venom movie and Josh Trank would go to trash. Josh Trank directed the flop Fan4stic, which wasn't completely his fault. The studio went in and took out a lot of set pieces, the budgets, and different scenes in the movie, making it look like a sloppy mess. However, his response to the failure was not handled well and now, no superhero film would want to think of casting his right now, except for Sony! Sony is so desperate that they got Josh Trank! I don't understand why they can't just be happy they will make a boatload of it's movies with Marvel.

Another good point is, Josh Trank needs to redeem himself. Michael B. Jordan redeemed himself in Creed as Kate Mara did in The Martian. Josh Trank has picked the worst superhero movie in production to direct, not saying any other one would even think about picking him. Sony and Josh Trank are digging a huge hole and it's getting deeper, and deeper, and deeper. Will they hit bedrock?

Overall, I think the whole idea of a Venom solo movie separate from the MCU is a horrible idea, even without Trank. I think Venom is a great character and he should be included in the second Spider-Man film and they should make a Venom vs. Carnage movie within the MCU with Spider-Man and other Marvel characters, taking notes from the Maximum Carnage comic series, which I personally own and is one my personal favorites.

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What do you guys think of the Venom solo movie? Does Josh Trank help it or hurt it? Tell me below!


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