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Tuesday was Strong Women's Day and to honor this I decided to dig deep inside myself. I took awhile and really thought about different women from books, movies, and TV shows who have inspired me. These are the five ladies that have inspired me the most!

Professor McGonagall - Harry Potter

For some, this might be puzzling, to me it makes perfect sense. Minerva could have left at anytime when Voldemort took over Hogwarts and put Snape in charge! Instead, she stayed with the students and kept them safe. She had survived two wizarding wars as an adult and that says something. Professor McGonagall was a great teacher who always encouraged her students to do great things. When Harry was told that he could never become an Auror by Umbridge, she set Harry down the right path. I hope someday to be a teacher and to be as great of one as Minerva McGonagall.

Sansa Stark - Game of Thrones

Sometimes being strong means just surviving. In Sansa's case, she has survived a great deal of horrors. First, her father was killed and she was beaten for what Ned had supposedly done. Second, she was almost thrown through a moon door because her aunt Lysa thought she was going to steal Lord Baelish from her. Her most recent troubles have been the worst though. Sansa was forced to marry Ramsay Bolton who raped her. Despite all of this, Sansa has stayed strong and has now escaped. If I ever encountered these trials I'm not sure I would be handling as well as she has.

Princess Merida - Brave

Besides being a strong fighter and archer, Merida was strong in another aspect. Every child must eventually face off with their parents on some issue. This issue however changed Merida's life forever. Back in the age of castles, arranged marriages were quite common. Merida didn't feel ready for this nor did she think it was right for them to pick her betrothed in such a way. She stood up for what she believed in! Despite all the chaos that happened to make the Lords and her parents to change their minds it worked out in her favor. I'm personally very obedient to what my parents want so this was inspiring to me. I was not in an arranged marriage but my parents didn't approve of who I chose to love. Now I am happily married to an amazing man and have two children!

Pinako Rockbell - Full Metal Alchemist

This wonderful old woman is the grandmother everyone dreams of! She is kind, but stern when she needs to be. Pinako is caring for her granddaughter after her son and daughter-in-law died in the Ishval Civil War. This tough lady isn't your typical grandma though. She is a mechanic and has taught Winry everything she knows about automail! Even though she already had tons on her plate between raising Winry and running her automail business, she took in the Elric brothers. I hope in my old age I'm as kind as Pinako was to to take all of this on.

Natalie Prior - Divergent

Natalie Prior was such a strong and loving person. She snuck into Dauntless to warn Tris about the tests and when the fighting started, she made sure to find her family. Unfortunately, she died in the first book/movie during the fighting. In the new movies Allegiant and Ascendant we will see a far more in depth look at this courageous woman. She was an outsider and she was brought into the city. Before that though, Natalie had a rough childhood. She watched her father be killed by her mother and ran away to the slums. There Natalie was found and then put into the world we have come to know in the Divergent series. This woman is a great example of all the things that can happen if you stay strong and keep your chin up in this world.

These women give me hope. Sure, they are just characters but sometimes fictional books and characters can help shape you just as much as reality. Thank you to the writers and creators who brought these women to me through books, movies, and television shows.


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