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I mean really why.I mean kids who watch this I mean the little kids who watch likes this reason why because it has toddler jokes and has episode for little toddler and kids like boys vs girls today everyone im going to tell you why teen titans go(or toddler titans go sucks) lets go


Let's go by episode to search why teen titans go are babies

1.Boys v.s girls

I mean really how old are you teen titans go like even teen titans go even if you go to high school and act like toddlers people are going say "wow can these freaks grow up" and they will not care it starts off like this robin beast boy and cyborg were being gross until robin say "Hey remember we see a car last night it was like *car noises*".Okay first of all guys don't do car noises and burp and they act like adults you know.Then worse of all they rap HORRIBLE I mean really they rap like toddlers with pedophiles say "boys' or "girls over and over it made me bleed my ears.Then they talk about fake stuff like robin said "boys are much stronger and better".Look dumb a** titans go all boys are not prefect I mean im like a little strong and im not better of everything like I mean teaching kids to bully other kids that there gender is different really *sigh*.Next they said girls lie around and emotion a lot.That's not true all girls don't lie around and have emotions but don't cry about it like baby teen starfire. Next it was battle of the genders so they do speed smart and strength and starfire and raven won all but look I said ALL PEOPLE ARE NOT PREFECT.Jesus christ like they have OCD these titans sure need medical help but they can't because there dumb**s.So raven said "well girls won".And then beast boy and cyborg said about robin lying then they said "for now where girls".Really how can you be girls you d bags.So suddenly robin go to the white house and got cooties.Wow there is NO SUCH THINGS AS GOD DANG COOTIES AND EVEN BRACK OBAMA DOESN'T HIDE IT CRAZY CONSPIRACY DUMB TODDLERS.Then they spread the cooties and girls won and then the annoying part they rap wow just wow I mean worst story line EVER so that's it for today guys see a later PEACE OUT DUDES


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