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Cinema Blend is reporting on rumors that LucasFilm is planning 10 more Star Wars films. They are supposed to include episodes 8 and 9, Rogue One, Han Solo Anthology Film, the anthology film that will follow episode 9 (most of us believe it will revolve around Boba Fett because, you know, he's awesome), and five more films! This is just a rumor, but if it is true, that means we'll get new Star Wars films until at least 2025

I don't know about you, but to me, that sounds AWESOME. What will these movies be about? There are whispers of films following Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Mace Windu. Some fans even suggest they are making another trilogy. All of those options will make me unbearably happy, but for the sake of fun, let's throw out some more ideas. Here are 5 Star Wars films we want to see.

Star Wars: Ahsoka

Recently on Star Wars: Rebels we learned that Ahsoka was involved in a crucial mission at the end of the Clone Wars, involving the rescue mission Anakin and Obi-Wan are on at the beginning of Revenge of the Sith. Apparently, Ahsoka saw her master between her departure from the Jedi Temple and his decent into the dark side. Why would we want to see this? For one thing: a live-action Ahsoka. Second, the prequels don't depict the Clone Wars era like The Clone Wars did. It would be a gutsy and smart move on Disney's part to show what a real Clone Wars movie is like. Plus, having Ahsoka in a live-action film legitimizes and solidifies her as a main Star Wars character, which would make hundreds of thousands of fans like me SO HAPPY!

Ahsoka could be the character that finally mends those wounds the prequels left on our nerdy little hearts. Please LucasFilm and Disney, give Ahsoka a movie! It's almost assuredly a hit.

Star Wars: Maz Kanata

We all met Maz Kanata in The Force Awakens and I hope you found her as intriguing and mysteriously cool as I did. She has apparently been around since Master Yoda himself was a youngling. However, unlike Yoda, Maz has always been involved in the shady side of the galaxy. Being friends with the likes of Han Solo means you probably break a rule or two every once in a while.

What adventures did she embark on over her many years? Who did she meet along the way? Maz comes with unlimited possibilities. I'd personally like to see her helping the resistance with an important mission while recounting some of her adventures throughout the many different Star Wars eras. She may even know what species Yoda is, and where he's from originally!

Star Wars: The Old Republic

BioWare and LucasFilm have been collaborating for years, building Star Wars stories set thousands of years before Anakin Skywalker was even born. Characters such as Revan, Satele Shan, and Shae Visla originate from the Old Republic game series. They have action, adventure, romance, HUGE plot twists, mystery and lightsabers - the list goes on and on. Whether they come up with a new story or adapt one of the games to film (KOTOR the movie, please! I'm begging you to make this masterpiece a reality!), an Old Republic era film would be amazing fan service, and would no doubt bring in a pretty penny.

Star Wars: Talon Karrde and Mara Jade

Before Disney did away with the expanded universe, one of its shining stars was the Thrawn Trilogy of books. These books involved the events that took place just after the sixth movie. In the books, Luke Skywalker encounters Talon Karrde and his mysterious associate, Mara Jade, who have filled the power vacuum left in the crime world after the death of Jabba the Hutt. Talon is a great smuggler character, but he can't possibly compare to Mara. She was kidnapped and raised from infancy by Emperor Palpatine himself. After Luke killed her master, the impression Palpatine's brainwashing left on her, haunted her in her dreams, nagging her every night, begging her to kill Luke Skywalker who she eventually (SPOILER) falls in love with!

The books explore her character further and cause readers to absolutely love her. Losing Talon and Mara would be a real shame and a waste of some amazing concepts. With some tweaks, Mara could be given a new love interest and would never interfere with Luke or his story, and Mara and Talon would once again be canon!

Star Wars: Stormtroopers

In The Force Awakens, Finn showed us all that storm-troopers have feelings too. I love the idea of getting to know the enemy foot-soldiers and why they've made the choices they've made. I'd love to see a movie about a group of stormtroopers and how they deal with loss, betrayal, and the underhanded dealings of the First Order or Empire. A stormtrooper-centric movie would make every battle in Star Wars more meaningful and every stormtrooper death would carry more weight with the audience.

Star Wars has endless possibilities. Whether their standalone movies will feature characters from the EU, other films, games and the TV shows, or whether they're entirely new ideas, I'm sure we'll be happy. I do hope LucasFilm is planning 10 more films and hopefully we'll be getting new Star Wars for years and years to come!

What Star Wars character do you think deserves a standalone movie? Tell us in the comments!


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