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((A.N.: Oh hey look, a chapter that took forever to get out. Not because it wasn't written yet, mind you, but because I'm too much of a lazy slacker to edit it. Well I did. Here it is. Enjoy.))

Chapter Two

The next day came, and Springtrap took his crayons and paper back behind the box. Now knowing he was there, I checked behind to see, and sure enough, he was lodged in the crack between the wall and the box. It was large enough, though it looked a bit cramped. I offered for him to stay in the box, but he said someone might see him and that he didn't want me to have to explain before I was ready. He really was a considerate child.

As the day went on, I did my job, albeit absentmindedly. I had a lot to think about. This was just as terrifying as the prospect of telling Chica my feelings. It was worse, to be honest. Not only was I trying to explain a kid, an animatronic kid no less, who had been hiding in our pizzeria since it opened, I had a lot more responsibilities than before. Sure, what I already had was simple enough: hand out prizes, keep the line from getting disorderly, and be in charge when Freddy couldn't. Nothing too crazy. However, now I had all the duties of a parent to worry about. Keep the kid entertained, keep him safe, keep him under control, keep him clean, keep him well rested... Thank goodness he wasn't human, otherwise I'd have to keep him fed and clothed. But I still had that list and more to keep track of. How was I supposed to do this alone?

Well, maybe not ENTIRELY alone. Knowing Chica like I did, she'd probably be more than eager to give me some parenting tips. She had told me that she'd always wanted to be a mother one day, so no doubt she knew enough to be one. She'd most likely offer to babysit him when I needed her to.

However, I couldn't just put off telling everyone for too long. Sure, I could keep him occupied in the box and let him move around the prize corner when I knew it was safe and no one would see him, but eventually someone would discover him. It was inevitable. And then I would be in scalding water. That would be worse than announcing it myself. Then again, I should probably tell either Mike or Freddy first, preferably the former. At least then I'd know that I wasn't the only one aware of him when I announced it.

It was only near the end of the day that I decided to stop thinking about it for a while. Contemplating it too much would burn me out. I just needed to calm down. The time would come when it came.

Finally, the building closed for the night. "Alright, Springtrap, You can come out," I said, turning around and looking at him once I saw Mike lock the doors.

At once, the small bunny picked up his art supplies and dropped them into my box, following suite. "So what awe you gonna say?" he asked, situating himself.

"I'm still not sure. I mean, you don't have to hide again tomorrow, but I don't know what the simplest way to tell them is. In any case, I figured I'd tell the pizzeria's owner first," I answered, "then I'd go from there."

"M'kay." He quickly grabbed a red crayon and was working on the picture.

"Anyway, we've just gotta wait then. When he checked on me yesterday, he said he was gonna come by and take me to parts and service to do a tune-up tonight. Nothing too drastic, just making sure my optics and voice box as well as the other stuff is working. You'll just stay in here and I'll tell him about you. Once we get done, I'll bring him back. It'll take anywhere from fifteen to thirty minutes, at least usually it does. Do you think you'll be alright?" Only then was I mentally kicking myself for this plan. Not only was he only four and probably didn't have a grasp on the concept of time, we'd be heading to parts and service. Chica, Freddy, and Foxy would be on the other side of the room. They'd be able to hear. So much for just telling Mike...

"Yeah. I'ww just cowow." Thank goodness for his fascination with crayons. Otherwise I'd have to take him with me.

"Okay. Just being sure." I paused. "We'll also probably be taking the music box with us. I’m just warning you in case you don't like silence."

"Okay." He didn't even look up from his picture.

I breathed a sigh of relief. That was one issue out of the way. At least he didn't have breakdowns when it went quiet. That was a plus. However, I tensed when I realized just how dire the situation could be if he was found.

"I'm going to be closing the lid to the box as well. You might be tossed out if they find you. Most don't bother me if the lid is closed since I close it when I'm sleeping, so you shouldn't have a problem with the others finding you."


"It's going to be dark."

"I can see in the dawk. The Puwpwe Guy made my eyes speciaw. He towd me.” He grabbed for another crayon. “That’s one of the onwy things I wemembew about him, but that’s okay.”

"Oh!" That was a surprise. However, perhaps I shouldn't have been by now. This child seemed to just be full of surprises. "That's neat!"


We waited, me listening to the music box and Springtrap scribbling on his picture. I got him a few more pieces of scratch paper from behind the counter in case he got tired of that piece while I was gone, and then continued to rest.

It wasn't long before Mike was walking up to my box. I tapped Springtrap on the shoulder and whispered, "It's time. I'll be back soon. Be good. Don't let anyone see you."

"Okay." He looked up and me, then lifted his tiny arms and hugged my side before going back to his coloring.

"Alright, Marion!" Mike said, greeting me with a nod of his head, "Are you ready to get your parts checked?"

"Yes, sir." I stood up, careful of the little rabbit. I stepped out and closed the lid while Mike unplugged the music box from its remote winding thing. I have no clue what exactly it is. I just know it winds the music box and that's good enough for me.

"M'kay, let's head back to parts and service and I'll-" He paused when he looked at the box. He chuckled. "Marion, why did you close your lid?"

"Because... B-because..." If there was ever a time I cursed my poor lying skills, it was then. "Someone might come by. And they might have something, and they might not know where to put it so that I'll see it, b-but this way they can put it on the lid."

Mike cocked an eyebrow. "Why can't they just put it in the box?"

"I... I-I might sit or step on it."

"Marion, you are one of the most cautious animatronics in this whole stinkin' place. I highly doubt that you wouldn't check your box before you sat down." He walked over and put a hand on the edge of the lid. I tensed. "You've never closed it when you left before. Why now? Are you hiding something?"






"Marion, you're an awful liar. What is in there?"

"Art supplies." That wasn't a total lie, so I hoped it came off as convincing.

Mike let out a hearty laugh. "Oh, is that all? A couple of crayons and some paper?" He smiled at me reassuringly. "Marion, a love of drawing is nothing to hide." He lifted the lid of the box and peeked inside. "I'd actually like to see whatever art you made- oh my word."

"Hi," I heard Springtrap's tiny voice call out.

"Marion." Mike reached in and grabbed the tiny yellow-green rabbit, green crayon still in paw, cradling him before he turned to look at me sternly. "You have a lot of explaining to do."

((A.N.: Yup. More tiny, adorable Springtrap. Alright, I'm gonna go now before I type something I regret. I'm feeling really edgy right now.))


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