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Quentin Tarantino is without a doubt my favorite filmmaker of all time. Honestly I'm surprised it took me so long to write an article about him, but hey here it is! Each one of his films stands apart from the rest for very different reasons. His works are all meticulously crafted masterpieces, yes even Death Proof. Tarantino's films have brilliant editing, witty dialogue, brutal deaths, bloody romps, and pardon the language fucking awesome music. Every single soundtrack of his is beautiful and filled with great tracks. For this list we are looking at feature length films Tarantino has both written AND directed, sorry True Romance and Four Rooms.

#9 Death Proof


Widely discussed as his worst film, Death Proof is far from his best work, but there are still wonderful moments in it! There is the lap dance scene, which was cut out of the theatrical version of the film:


There is Kurt Russel reciting poetry:


Not to mention the stunts in this film were practical effects. And that scene where Zoe Bell is holding onto the hood of the car as they're speeding down the road? Yeah she actually did that.


#8 Kill Bill Vol. 2


Uma Thurman is a badass, and so is everyone else in this film. The bloody finale to The Bride's tragic story of love, loss, and death, Kill Bill Vol. 2 is a cinematic masterpiece. But compared to Tarantino's other films, it's not that great. There are many scenes that will always stand out:


It's your worst fear, you're in a casket buried in God knows where, what do you do? How about the one-inch punch? And you'll never be able to forget this amazing scene, and yeah it takes the saying, "an eye for an eye," literally:


#7 Inglorious Basterds


Christoph Waltz and Brad Pitt make for a fun cat-and-mouse game, which brings to us one of Tarantino's favorite things: alternate history. Obviously, as this film shows, Hitler didn't die from a machine gun to the face, but wouldn't that have been so 'MURICA? This film stands out with some really great cameos like Mike Myers and Samuel Jackson as a narrator. In this opus Brad Pitt delivers one of his most important speeches of all time:


Tarantino also brought this next scene to the film world. He created (with Christoph Waltz) one of the greatest antagonists in film history:


#6 Kill Bill Vol. 1


Vol. 1 is eons better than Vol. 2. It's bloodier, and the choreography is just way better. It stands out in not just the film world, but the action world as well for this brilliant scene:


This next scene sticks out for many reasons. It is a brilliant piece of anime, the story is heartbreaking, and it shows what happens when you push the limits of the human emotion. I find this scene extremely saddening:


#5 The Hateful Eight


It should be number one on the list, but I've only been able to see it once and I cannot properly discuss the film due to that fact. So it remains at number five for now. That being said, I think this film was brutally beautiful. I have many theories about this film, which I will write an article about after my next viewing of the film.

*NSFW. This is a scene from the film that really stuck out in my head, for obvious reasons. This takes Tarantino's sexual violence to a whole new level:


#4 Pulp Fiction


What?! Why is this number four? It's definitely his best film ever! All right noobs, Pulp Fiction is an incredible film. The cinematography, the story, the directing, the acting, it's top notch. But it's still not his best work. This is the film that has ushered in a following which seems bigger than any other following.

Who can forget dancing Travolta?


"THE BITCH IS OD'ING!" Probably the most quotable line of the film comes from one of the most memorable scenes:


Pulp Fiction even spawned a meme!


#3 Jackie Brown


Jackie Brown is undoubtedly Tarantino's most dialogue-heavy film. But that's okay! The dialogue is great, the script is great, and it's based on a fantastic book. The dialogue is so heavy that when there are scenes of silence your heart is racing due to anticipation.


We're graced with a wonderful cameo from Chris Tucker! I was super giddy when I first saw this scene:


The one thing this film contains is, in my opinion, the greatest opening title sequence of all Tarantino films:


#2 Django Unchained


The Spike Lee-despised slavery film in Tarantino's repertoire is epic in all proportions. I'm gonna say it, Leo's role in The Revenant shouldn't have won him an Oscar, this role should have landed him the acclaimed award. Every single role in this film is incredible, I didn't doubt their place and time for one minute while viewing the film. Django Unchained was based on a spaghetti western film Django, and the original Django is actually in this film!


The scene that stands out the most in most peoples minds is the dinner scene. Our two protagonists have finally made their way to Candyland Ranch, owned by one of the many antagonists in the film. In this scene Calvin J. Candie has figured out the trick Django and Dr. Shultz have pulled on him. In this scene, Calvin J. Candie slams his hand on the table and actually cuts his hand open, you can notice after that how Leo is picking glass out of his palm, which was actually REAL glass!


There is also this 2Pac and James Brown mashup. And I love me some James Brown.


You probably have guessed what number one is!

#1 Reservoir Dogs


If you haven't seen Reservoir Dogs yet, what are you doing with your life?! The main reason this is number one, is for the simple reason that it helped me realize that filmmaking is my passion. My physics teacher in high school recommended it one day and my life changed that night. I watched it and I couldn't take my eyes off the screen. It is a hell of a debut for young Quentin! It starts off with a scene that defined a generation of film fans:


It has a middle scene, that amped up torture scenes for all filmmakers:


Dogs' final scene, a stand-off, is what truly cements its place in film history:


Tarantino is a filmmaker that spawned a generation of new filmmakers. He literally is a rags to riches story, which should inspire everyone in the industry to do everything they can to make their dreams come true.



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