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Jess, Nick, Schmidt, Winston, and Cece won the hearts of millions when New Girl premiered back in 2011. Jess with her quirks, Nick with his grumpy old man routine, Winston with his insecurities, Cece with her, well Cece-ness, and Schmidt with his incredible douch-ey habits. Five seasons later and the show and its characters are still going strong.

Ever since I first binge-watched the show on Netflix, my favorite character has been Schmidt. His personality clashes with his love for the other characters in a hilarious and yet, endearing way. Also, his backstory is my favorite. As the plus-sized kid who overcame negativity and learned to love himself, Schmidt is a hardcore stud. And he has his own book! Seriously. It's pretty great!

In each New Girl episode, Schmidt continuously proves that he is the best character on the show. Here's why!

1. His Baller Style

Calvin Klein. Cashmere. The Denim Bar. These are a few of Schmidt's favorite things. As a self proclaimed fashion stud, Schmidt's wardrobe is extensive and chock full of style. You'll never find Schmidt in a bad outfit.

Except maybe for his hilariously inappropriate kimono...

Or his shower diaper...

Those misfires aside, you can always rely on Schmidt to bring his style A-game!

2. His Douch-ey Habits

Although somewhat over the top, Schmidt's self indulgent habits are always softened by his, well, soft side. Also, I love the fact that Schmidt honors the Douchebag Jar but never lets it stop him from being himself.

He may be the only roommate who will ask you to rub his entire body down with suntan lotion in December...

But he'll also be the first to show how much he cares for you...

You keep doing you, Schmidt.

Despite his douch-ey habits, Schmidt has the biggest heart of the group and is unafraid to show it.

3. His Love For Cece

Ever since Cece and Schmidt first got together, I've been a huge fan of their relationship. And now that they're officially getting married, my heart is happy. Though they couldn't be more different, the two are perfect for each other! He always manages to show his love for Cece in a way only Schmidt can.

From the time that Schmidt risked life and limb for a "Cece fish"...

To the time he thought Cece was pregnant...

Schmidt proves he is head over custom-made driving moccasins in love with Cece.

Now we just have to wait and see what a baby Schmidt looks like...

4. He Loves Himself

From obsessing over his body, to always sharing his feelings, Schmidt is unafraid to be himself. Schmidt defies every stereotype our society imposes on men and that's why he is one of the best characters on the show.

He is unafraid to stretch in the foyer...

Or show his emotions...

Or test the boundaries of friendship...

You never have to worry about boredom whenever Schmidt is on screen. His humor and incredible lack of boundaries always make for a great storyline.

5. His Undeniable Way With Words

It's a rare occurrence that Schmidt has nothing to say. In fact, he is almost always ready and willing to say whatever pops into his perfectly-styled head. Out of the entire New Girl gang, Schmidt has the best one-liners. His unabashed statements are always a perfect reflection of how he is feeling in the moment. Schmidt doesn't talk like a normal human, and it's amazing.

Like where we would say 'I'm confused', Schmidt says:

Or where we might say 'I'm sick'; Schmidt says:

And finally, where we might say 'I like to try new things', Schmidt says:

I wonder what the world would look like if we all began to express ourselves the way Schmidt does...

Bonus: Gotta Love Schmidt & His Dance Moves

So there you go, those are some of the many reasons why I love Schmidt. What about you? What is your favorite Schmidt moment? Let me know in the comments!


What do you think? Is Schmidt the best character on New Girl?


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