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Good Mythical Morning is a Youtube channel that was started in 2011, by "Internetainers", Rhett McLaughlin and Charles Lincoln "Link" Neal. It is a daily morning talk show that consists of various topics and skits. It also has an after show called Good Mythical More, which is a show after the main show, that gets into more detail and is more of where anything goes.

This channel has a video every weekday and you can expect each episode to be up on the channel by the morning of each day (meaning around 7am/8am) There has been 9 seasons so far and each season has had no less- and will never have less- then 25 episodes. They only go on break on holidays and once the season has ended.

It would be surprising to know that a lot of people don't know about this channel since they do have almost 10,000,000 subscribers as of today, but of course every person I will meet won't know about it. So in case you, the one reading this, have no idea of what or who these people are that I'm talking about, I'll give you an introduction into why you should subscribe to this channel and start watching episodes.

Rhett and Link

Rhett and Link are both from North Carolina and they have been best-friends since childhood. They went to the same elementary school (where they first met), high school, and college as well. They started off making videos and recordings of themselves and eventually making short films, which is where their love for filming started. In college Rhett studied industrial engineering and Link studied civil engineering. They both worked in their fields soon after college but they eventually quit their jobs and started making videos for a living only, as they still presently do now.

They have multiple Youtube channels they run which are, Rhett & Link, Good Mythical Morning, Good Mythical MORE, EXTRAS- RhettandLink, and they even have a 5th channel called Buenos y Míticos Días, which has videos from their Good Mythical Morning channel that language has been dubbed to Spanish. They also have a podcast on Soundcloud and iTunes called Ear Biscuits which features guests that are also well-known in social media and Youtube. They basically created their own platform which made a business that they love- they are awesome and brilliant!

The Crew

We not only get to see a lot of Rhett and Link, but we also get to see the crew. The people in this picture are the ones that put in all the work for this show to be what it is. The present crew is a mix of some old and new comers and they all are awesome and a compliment to each other and the show. We get to see the crew get involved in the episodes more on the Good Mythical More Channel and we also get to see all the work they have to put in on the EXTRAS - RhettandLink. It's obviously too many people to name here, but if you watch you will learn who they all are pretty quickly and even liking them just as much as Rhett & Link.

They do everything and cover every topic

You will see Rhett and Link (sometimes the crew) get involved in all kinds of things. They do all kinds of challenges, talk about scientific theories, have skits, they dress up, they make songs and sing them, they have contests, and so much more. They really don't limit what they will do or involve themselves in and they are willing to completely embarrass themselves. They also get the fans involved by having a way for us to submit videos that feature on the episodes and by having a PO Box. As well, on occasion certain celebrities and Youtubers will feature on episodes.

The episodes are clean and hilarious.

Comedy and entertainment these days, more then ever, are usually filled or coated in cussing, sex talk, and disrespect. That's what most people expect and even find funny. With these guys and this show, they are witty and hilarious without any of that. They can talk about mature subjects and really silly things as well. You can watch any of their videos with young children without having to cover their ears or cringing, and you can watch it being a mature adult with other adult friends and undoubtedly find everyone laughing and catching on to every joke made.

That's just a little introduction to this channel I want to give you all. I can't make you get involved and watch but I recommend that you really should, for your own pleasure. I really am glad that I one day stumbled upon this channel because it has been a constant source of amusement and good entertainment.

Let me know in the comments below if you are going to watch or if you already have heard of this channel!


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