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The second half of Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s third season premiered on Tuesday. Most people will talk about Yo-Yo Rodriguez or Ward being Hive, or even Talbot being the new head of the ATCU. But I don't want to talk about that. No. I want to talk about two things the show didn't even focus on.

Hunter Tried To Become Inhuman

When investigating a crime scene in Columbia, which was caused by Yo-Yo Rodriguez, Mack and Hunter started talking about Inhumans. And after a few jokes from Hunter, he reveals that he took some of the contaminated fish oil pills. He gets Bobbi to admit that she at least thought about it. And though this was a throw away conversation between the three it brought to light something great.

Inhumans are spreading. Even Fox news is talking about them. This means that things get harder and harder for the people without powers. Bobbi and May might be a couple of badasses, and they are, when they come up against people with powers, they will be at a disadvantage. And Hunter, as great as he is, isn't Bobbi and May. So, of course he took the pills. Of course, he tried to get powers. And, of course, the show just made it a joke.

As fun as it was watching Hunter dream about invisibility, it brought up a thing about Hunter: he's scared. He feels like he needs powers to compete with and fight against Inhumans. That is a side of Hunter we don't get to see. And I would love to see more of that.

Lash Was An Evolutionary Need

When Simmons was studying some data, she starts talking about how Inhumans got their powers, Lincoln dropped some knowledge that was awesome. He said he was taught that Inhumans got their powers based on what humans needed at the moment. And though it is fun to think of what need Daisy and Lincoln fill, it is more interesting to think about Lash.

Lash is a monster dead set on killing all Inhumans. Andrew, who Lash is on his downtime, said it was something he was compelled to do. If Lincoln is right, and he might not be, then the Inhuman killing machine is needed. And it makes sense. There are more Inhumans than ever before. Whether Lash is some kind of population control, back-up plan, or even some kind of rogue Inhuman, he has a purpose. And that is much more exciting than it being some bad luck for May's ex.

So, What Are Your Thoughts?

And What did you think of the mid-season premiere?

Just Had To Leave You With This
Just Had To Leave You With This

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