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With a release scheduled for later this summer, we are finally enjoying a wonderful look at the new take on a beloved film, Ghostbusters. This movie manages to bring together very talented comedians Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy, plus Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones.

Let's take a closer look at the footage of the new trailer and see if it reveals something exciting about this incredible take on the Ghostbusters franchise!

The Manhattan Skyline

The trailer opens with the view of the city, a very normal Manhattan night. What could go wrong on a night like this?

A Familiar Building

Then we take a look at building entrance. Is this the place where all the new adventures will take place?

No Ghosths

A familiar logo appears before us. Ghosts be warned, you shall not invade Manhattan... or what is the message behind this image?

Meet the Team!

Our heroes make an entrance! The girls are recording a spirit that manifested in what appears to be a museum. Is this spirit friendly? The girls will have to figure that out!

Now Meet the Ghost

It seems that it is not! This manifestation certainly has a very blunt way of communicating with humans...

A Little Goo Never Hurts

that's not a very nice way to say hello from the beyond...

It's Time to Plan

Will they be able to do something about it?

Many Ghosts, Many, Many Ghotsts

The trailer shows that the horde of ghosts have invaded the city. They are everywere and they are attacking everyone.

Meet the Engineer

It's time to assemble the team! Gorgeous and talented engineer Jillian Holtzman will provide the team with an array of curious and sophisticated gadgets to fight the ghosts.

Meet the Professor

Add Erin Gilbert to the mix - a professor in quantum physics at Columbia University, and certainly an important part of the group. With her talented partner Abby Yates, she will stop ghosts in Manhattan.

Meet the Mastermind

Abby Yates, published author in the realm of the paranormal. She declares the team is ready to fight. They just need one more thing...

Meet the Unstopable Force of Patty

The final team member, Patty Tolan will provide the team with very needed knowledge about NYC and her very needed street smarts. Now the team is ready for action!

Meet the Wheels

They have the wheels to go around Manhattan. With a little paint and the logo on every side, the Ghostbuster's mobile is ready to drive around the Big Apple and capture ghosts galore.

Are You Ready?

The team is ready for action; the girls have suited-up and have their gear ready. But what are they about to fight?

Blasting Evil Away

The team faces a ghost energy with blasts from their powerful weapons. But the treat is not over yet. There are more ghosts coming to challenge our heroines and they are taking over the city!

Taking Times Square

These ghosts are taking Manhattan and they are attacking Times Square. The girls stand in the middle of the street ready to face the hordes of ghosts.

Ghosts come in different shapes and sizes...

A very tall ghost observes our heroes and passes them by. Can they vanquish something of this size? We will have to wait and see.

Weapons Armed and Ready!

The girls are ready to face them with their new and improved gadgets. Jillian's constructions have more power and this is probably what the final battle will look. But again, I repeat, we have to wait and see.

Tasting, Testing

Let's "taste" the equipment! These girls are not only smart and brave, they can do it all and no ghost will get in their way. Just look at how fierce Jillian looks when she's ready for action!

Punch Here, Punch There

With new and edgy gadgets that allow them to kick some echtoplasmic ghost Abby takes charge!

Blast Those Ghosts Girls!

Just what we wanted to see. The classic red blast from the original weapons is back in this wonderful adaptation.

Sexy Hunky Assistant. Check!

This movie also comes with a hunky treat for everyeon's eyes. Chris Hemsworth is part of the team; he plays the sexy assistant that will help our girls get ready to fight the evil lurking the city.

Danger Everywhere

Danger can be in every corner. Abby discovers that ghosts can possess a human inhabitant. In a surprise attack, she's possesed by one!

Girls Under Attack!

The possessed Abby attacks her friends! She's ready to throw Jillian through the window. But Patty won't let anything happen to her new friends.

Patty to the Rescue

Patty launches to the rescue of Jillian and manages to pull her to safety. But there's one more treat they have to face - possessed Abby.

How to Know if Your Friend is Possessed?

Abby's possessed body can do some pretty weird stuff, like turning her head in a exorcist-like move. Just check it out...

Exorcist-like Moment

Here goes the head... turning... turning... turning...

Patty to the rescue

But Patty know how to use her girl power to rid her friend from the influence of ghosts. A good slap on the face will do the trick. Goodbye ghost!

The Power of Patty Compels You!

Patty might have got a little carried away with her exorcism. She keeps hitting Abby, making sure there is no other ghost possessing her friend.

Is the ghost gone yet?

Maybe Abby will need to be slapped one more time. Just to be sure.

Cue to the logo! Is the end of the trailer.

Who you gonna call?

I know I will gladly call this awesome foursome women who are ready to rid Manhtattan of ghosts. It was a very direct and fast trailer with proper introductions to all the characters we will come to love.

Let me know your thoughts and if you'll watch this movie in the comments!


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