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When Jena Malone was announced to appear in [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870), fans were desperate to know who she would be playing. The most likely candidates were Batman's sidekicks: Batgirl, Robin (Carrie Kelley), Batwoman, etc. Thanks to preview showings, it seems we might finally know who Malone's character is — and she's a much-loved hero from the DC comics.

Barbara Gordon as Oracle in DC Comics.
Barbara Gordon as Oracle in DC Comics.

After the showing, the audience was asked to complete a survey of which characters they'd like to see more of. The survey was posted on Imgur where it soon made its way to Reddit, and it seems to confirm that Malone is playing Barbara Gordon.

But which version of Barbara Gordon is Malone portraying? Thanks to DC's long history of different continuities, Gordon has had several heroic aliases. And we're pretty sure we know which one Malone is.

Oracle Makes Her DCEU Entrance — Sorta

Zack Snyder had already confirmed to Entertainment Weekly that Malone would not be playing Barbara Gordon's best-known alias:

"She’s definitely not Robin or Batgirl. I’m happy to say that."

But Barbara Gordon isn't just Batgirl. By a very simple process of elimination, it looks like Malone is playing Oracle: wheelchair-bound technical savant, commander of the Birds Of Prey and all-around badass.

Barbara Gordon as Oracle in DC Comics.
Barbara Gordon as Oracle in DC Comics.

Oracle is the alias Barbara Gordon took up after the Joker shot her in the spine and subsequently tortured her in the comic The Killing Joke. Left without the use of her legs, Barbara refused to be beaten and became the Oracle. She continued to fight crime using her technical and hacking skills, and this version of the character is much-loved among fans.

So what does this origin story tell us about Batman V Superman? Well, it could explain why Malone was cut from the theatrical release.

Oracle's Origins In The R-Rated Special Edition?

It was previously revealed that an "ultimate edition" of Batman V Superman would be released, featuring all the R-rated footage cut from the PG-13 theatrical version. It's possible that Barbara Gordon's role in Dawn Of Justice was a flashback to Oracle's origin and the brutal, violent nature of this story definitely merits an R rating.

Barbara Gordon in 'The Killing Joke.'
Barbara Gordon in 'The Killing Joke.'

But if you're annoyed that Barbara Gordon was cut from Batman V Superman, fear not! It's possible that DC is setting up her entrance into the movies later on, once she's recovered from her wounds and has become Oracle. And this has very interesting implications for the future of the DCEU.

Oracle In 'Suicide Squad' Or 'Birds Of Prey'?

Oracle made her first DC Comics appearance in Suicide Squad Issue 23 and was confirmed to be Barbara Gordon in Issue 38. In the comic, Oracle helped Task Force X, so it's possible that Malone could make a cameo appearance in the upcoming Suicide Squad. Oh, and there's the fact that Jared Leto has posted hints to his Instagram that Joker's origin could use The Killing Joke storyline.

Because Malone isn't credited on IMDb or confirmed to appear in Suicide Squad, any appearance beyond a quick cameo is unlikely. But beyond Suicide Squad, Barbara Gordon/Oracle could appear in the Ben Affleck-directed Batman solo movie — or even in a Birds Of Prey film.

Oracle leads the Birds Of Prey in DC Comics.
Oracle leads the Birds Of Prey in DC Comics.

This would herald the entrance of other popular characters to the DCEU, such as Black Canary and Batwoman. It's all speculation, but there are already rumors that DC is planning a Birds Of Prey movie in the future.

For now, all we know is that Malone is probably playing Barbara Gordon in Batman V Superman, although her scenes were cut. Which means that if she were to become a hero in her own right, that hero would be Oracle, and that's totally awesome.

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