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Ready for more Magic In North America?

Here are another 5 magical facts that Rowling dropped on us today in 'Rappaport's Law.'

1. The American magical currency is the Dragot

2. Emily Rappaport was the 15th President of the Magical Congress of the USA in 1790

Source: The Telegraph
Source: The Telegraph

3. The Story of Dorcus Twelvetrees

Aristotle Twelvetrees served as the Keeper of Treasure and Dragots during Emily Rappaport's presidency. He had a daughter, Dorcus, who was "as dim as she was pretty." Foolish Dorcus unwittingly befriended a No-Maj boy, Bartholomew Barebone, descended from Scourers. Not only did she show him magic and let him steal her wand, she actually gave him the addresses of MACUSA and Ilvermorney. Barebone gave the addresses to the No-Maj authorities and attempted to completely exterminate all wizards and witches. A horrible manhunt ensued, and Barebone was ultimately arrested after accidentally shooting some No-Maj investigators emerging from a suspected location. As for Dorcus, she spent just a year in jail and lived out the rest of her life alone with her parrot and a mirror.

4. Rappaport's Law

After the Dorcus disaster, President Rappaport enacted Rappaport's law, making it illegal for the magical community to interact with the No-Maj one. This made a very different, segregated social structure from that of Europe, where wizards and witches often interacted with No-Majs and the even governments knew of each other's existence.

5. Because of Rappaport's Law, the American wizarding community is extremely secretive.

What was your favorite fact about magic in North America from 'Rappaport's Law'?

Source: Pottermore


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