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(Warning: The following contains a potentially SPOILER-filled breakdown of the new "Captain America: Civil War" trailer. If you don't want to know anything about the movie before it arrives, then proceed with caution and all that...)

So. The new Captain America: Civil War trailer.

Can be found just below.

Which means that, if you haven't already seen it, you're definitely not reading this sentence, having already sensibly skimmed down to the glorious trailer-shaped wonder below. If for some reason you are still reading this, however, then make sure to keep on scrolling for a detailed breakdown of just what that aforementioned trailer tells us about the upcoming movie.

First, though, why not bask in the shiny awesomeness that is the new trailer, one more time?

Alright then. Now that you've watched (or rewatched) that chunky bundle of awesome...

...Let's Take A Closer Look At Exactly What the New 'Civil War' Trailer Is Hiding

Starting with (of course)...

...Some Serious Superhero Shaming From 'Thunderbolt' Ross

With special nods apparently going to both Falcon's Washington escapades and Scarlet Witch's villainous roots.

Chadwick Boseman-Adjacent Explosions Tease The Reason for Black Panther's Involvement

The big question remains: Will we see him become Black Panther for the very first time in Civil War?

This Secret Underwater Base Is Surely The Raft

A.k.a Marvel's traditional sea-based supervillain prison...

...which, for that matter...

...Is Surely The Inside Of Said Super-Prison

With its apparently hidden nature, it looks set to combine elements of the comic-book raft with the Civil War-created (and Negative Zone-based) Project 42.


...Black Panther Is Clearly Awesome

And is going to be given plenty of scope to channel that awesomeness in the movie.

We Now Know Exactly How War Machine Is Going To Get Hurt

Right in the chest, it seems. Which might explain why...

...Tony Is Apparently Going To Hit First

The cad!


...Whoever Is On That Helicopter Is Clearly OK Shooting At Both Bucky AND Black Panther

Which makes BP's role all the more murky.

Next up?

Scarlet Witch Is Apparently Able To Take The Vision Down

Much like she could in the comic books — with heartbreak. Also, note what looks like a *hopefully just) unconscious Hawkeye on the ground beneath her feet.

Also worth noting?

Cap Clearly Could Not Do This All Day

I don't care what he's saying, he looks like he's about to pass out. Also, is that a snow-capped mountain in the background?

Meanwhile (once more)...

...Epic Superhero Long Shot Is Epic

Because obviously is is.

Before, finally...

...Tony Stark is Going To Call In 'Underoos'

And yes...

...That Means...

...You guessed it...

...SPIDER-MAN Has Finally Joined The Marvel Cinematic Universe

And holy crap does he look awesome (and incredibly comic-book faithful).

In fact, it's almost like they got Alex Ross to hand paint him onto the screen:

Also worth noting? That indelible image of Spidey holding Cap's shield seems likely to have been inspired by a certain scene of the webslinger intercepting it in the comics and using it to full effect:

Oh, and of course the fact that...

...Spider-Man Has Adjustable Eyes

Which is just. So. Awesome. It. Hurts.

OK, it can magically be May now, yes? Marvel? Russo brothers? Anyone?

What do you reckon, though?


What was your favorite part of that there trailer?


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