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As we are approaching picture lock we need your help to reach festivals this year! Our budget have reached its very limits due to unforeseen reshoots and now we are left asking for help from generous strangers and horror enthusiasts!

If you want to be a part of Crone Wood check out our Fundraising Campaign here!

We hope this film will not only hit the festival scene but theatres and we need your help to put Irish movies like this one on the map.

To give you a brief back story this film was shot over 5 days and nights on a tiny budget in supposedly haunted forest just outside Dublin. The Hellfire Club is said to be a place for satanist gatherings and animal sacrifice naturally this was a good place to film our Horror. This is the first feature film of both producers and the director. The cast is a mix of brilliant up & comers as well as established actors and the crew are skilled local professionals.

This film can best be described as a love child between (the 1999's) The Blair Witch Project and (1973's) The Wicker Man. If you like creepy you are going to want to see this.

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