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Jay Garrick might be a fixture in both of The Flash universes right now, but it wasn't always the case. Back at the beginning of this season, before Zoom appeared, unmasked himself, and confused everyone, Jay zoomed into Earth-1 alongside Patty Spivot in this awesome promo shot.

The image was a recreation of the classic comic book cover 'Flash Of Two Worlds,' from 1961. This comic was one that shook the foundations of the DC Universe by introducing the concept of the multiverse, and the matching episode did the same for the CW. Of course, there was one major change between comic and concept art; the unnamed man on the front of the comic was replaced with rookie cop Patty Spivot, who would become Barry Allen's latest love in the show.

Now, Greg Berlanti has done it again, with the first official look at Melissa Benoist and Grant Gustin together for a Supergirl/Flash crossover episode, 'World's Finest.'

This time, the two television superheroes are recreating a comic cover from 1967: Superman (Vol 1) #199. Of course, there's a twist in store: it's not SuperMAN that the Flash is racing, it's SuperGIRL!

In the original comic, Superman and the Flash agree to run a race to help raise money for the United Nations (and for fans who had long debated which superhero would win). Things were going well until the two realized that black market betters would benefit from the outcome, unless (50-year-old spoilers coming up) the two tied. Unsatisfying for the readers, the comic left us still wondering who was really the 'fastest man alive.' (If you are still wondering, the pair have raced again since, aaand... well, Barry tends to win, but not every time.)

This new cover replaces Superman with Supergirl, and the subtitle "who is the fastest man alive?" now reads "who is the fastest person alive?" Various Justice League members in the background are also replaced with Supergirl characters, for obvious reasons.

While it's an amazing homage to DC's history, what does it mean for the shows?

Well, we're not really sure. From the official synopsis, we know that Flash will be helping Kara battle Silver Banshee and Livewire, and that Supergirl, in return, will be helping Barry "return home." The assumption is that that "home" is another Earth, if only because continuing to create crossover episodes would make for complicated schedules, given that the series film in different countries! The episode also airs directly before The Flash episode 'Flash Back,' the synopsis for which reveals that the breaches between worlds have been re-opened.

Perhaps Flash and Supergirl end up in a public race on Earth-2 for some reason? It could be a publicity stunt for CatCo Media, or a way to attract the attention of Livewire and Silver Banshee so that the two heroes can take them down. With Silver Banshee able to kill with a form of soundwaves (her Death Wail), Flash and Supergirl may also be racing to see who can outrun this particular superpower. Of course, the final option is that we won't see an official "race" at all, and Berlanti simply wanted to have a little fun with another classic comic cover to celebrate the crossover event.

We'll have to wait and see!

'World's Finest' airs March 28th, and 'Flash Back' on March 29th.


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