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There are a mere eight days, or 192 hours, or 11,520 minutes or 691,200 seconds (approximately) until it becomes fully socially acceptable to lock yourself indoors, pull down the blinds, place some popcorn in the microwave and commence the ultimate Daredevil binge session.

The immensely enjoyable and highly acclaimed superhero series will get an injection of adrenaline-fueled, no-nonsense ass-kicking in the form of the Punisher and Elektra.

The main premise of the second season will see a clash between Matt "I'll protect Hell's Kitchen" Murdock and Frank "rabid quest for vengeance" Castle. But what happens when an unstoppable force meets an unmovable object? Well, two newly released promotional images give us an indication of the direction of the series.

"Punishment Will Find You"

Daredevil crouches pensively in a "superhero landing" stance, while the Punisher walks off nonchalantly into the distance, gun in hand.

Could this suggest Murdock is being left behind? Could it just be a metaphorical representation of the cat and mouse chase that'll run through the season? So many questions.

"Hell's Kitchen Isn't Big Enough For The Both Of Them"

Uhhhhh, whaaaat? What is this?

The second promotional image shows what appears to be the Punisher's mucky, nail bitten hand clutching on to Murdock's horned helmet, while a red substance trickles down ominously, in a nod to the show's opening credits.

You don't need a degree in media studies to read between the lines; shit is getting serious, and it looks like Daredevil is going to have a tough, tough battle against the Punisher. And, fingers crossed, in the next couple of days we get some new images of Elektra, too.

The anticipation is unbearable, but look on the bright side — only 11,518 minutes to go now. Daredevil Season 2 is available to binge watch on Netflix from March 18.

These images suggest Daredevil is going to struggle against the Punisher. Can he turn it around? And will Elektra help Murdock?

Source: Daredevil Tumblr


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