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The Girl Scouts Of America allegedly racked up more than $65,000 in cookie money during the Academy Awards, thanks to host Chris Rock and tons of movie stars with big appetites and deep pockets (read the full story here).

Now, some clever cookie bosses in Suffolk County, New York have capitalized on that brush with the stars and made Leonardo DiCaprio into a handcrafted "Be Like Me" meme to help them sell even more cookies.

According to ABC, the troop "thought the photo was funny and would help make people buy cookies." Did it work? The troop says yes!

This shot features the young copywriters themselves next to their handiwork.

Although Leo still hasn't commented, celebs and regular people still think the Girl Scouts are just as sweet as they were at the Oscars:

Who should be the face of the Girl Scouts' next ad campaign?

Source: ABC News Via EW


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