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Let's be honest — while we're all gearing up for a plethora of old school reboots to hit both the small and big screens, when it comes to the upcoming Baywatch movie, mostly what we're pouring over is how smoking hot the cast is.

As Dwayne Johnson loves to post teasers of every upcoming project he's working on via his Twitter and Instagram accounts, thanks to him we've just been given the first official look at Alexandra Daddario, The Rock's Baywatch co-star and boy, does she look fan-flippin-tastic.

Check it out:

The shot was captioned:

She takes to another level.. World fell in love with @alexannadaddario in and I was so impressed by her chops and presence every day, that I had to have her "rep the squad" in our film. Just wait til you see her - and all our girls - kick ass and protect the bay. SUMMER 2017.

He's not wrong — if this shot of Daddario is anything to go by, she'll certainly kick ass as the next Baywatch babe. And, if that one shot of her bayside with Johnson doesn't prove exactly how kick-ass she'll be, all the images she's shared of her hard at work at the gym will sway you:

Exhibit a) Strong Shoe Game

Exhibit b) Poochy props

Exhibit c) 'Final LA workout!'

Exhibit d) 'Training hard'

Are you excited for the 'Baywatch' reboot?

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