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When the final instalment of the Harry Potter series came to an end, many of us wept real tears, whilst others experienced a full-on withdrawal which saw them re-watch the Deathly Hallows over and over.

If you fell into the latter group of people, despite seeming to know everything there is to know about the final two films, you probably weren't aware about the following snippets of information. Here are fourteen Deathly Hallows facts that you probably wished you'd known sooner:

1. Both movies were originally meant to be one film

After reading the book, the screenwriters agreed that they couldn't possibly make the feature shorter than five hours. Although this resulted in two films, both parts were filmed back to back -- the shoot went on for a colossal 236 days.

2. When filming ended, Rupert Grint gave Emma and Daniel presents

In fact, they were trumpets with personal messages engraved on them.

3. On the final day on set, every main character was introduced with a round of applause

4. Daniel Radcliffe kept Harry's first and last sets of glasses

5. Emma and Dan had no idea they had to be naked in their kissing scene until the day before it was meant to happen

They were only wearing silver body paint for the scene. Cheeky!

6. When Grint was clearing out his dressing room, he discovered a touching blast from the past

Birthday cards from when he was just 14-years-old.

7. Tom Felton said the worst thing about playing Draco was having to dye his hair blonde

8. Emma and Rupert wanted their kiss to be over and done with as quickly as possible

Apparently, they kept laughing when their faces got too close. Here's some behind-the-scenes footage:

9. Domnhall Gleeson is the son of Brendan Gleeson

Mad Eye Moody!

10. Alan Rickman kept Snape's wand after filming was over

11. Neville's battle with Voldemort was Matthew Lewis's first scene with Ralph Fiennes

Prior to this, the actors had never spoken before.

12. Rupert and Emma had casts of their butts made

The reason? These were attached to their broomsticks so they were more comfortable to sit on.

13. Julie Walters's favorite line was "not my daughter you bitch!"

14. The director refused to re-cast the characters for the last scene on the platform

Remind yourself of the series's final moment here:

Which fact surprised you the most?



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