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The trailer for Captain America: Civil War comes out later today, and a certain spider-like superhero may be creeping about.

Spider-Man is rumored to appear in this final trailer according to Latino-Review, which claims their sources tell them it "heavily... features... Spider-Man."

See a previous trailer:

Latino-Review continues to theorize that his appearance would be cleverly timed by the marketing team to hijack the movie news cycle with the debut of Spider-Man now. Marvel would continue to fuel attention over the next few weeks by marching out Spider-related products.

He was first thought to be a potential in the epic battle through the Team Iron Man posters, but this sadly fizzled into thin air with no Spidey pictures.

Fan art | Source:
Fan art | Source:

Spider-Man has been notable for his complete absence from the marketing build-up. They've spun a web of hype through not confirming or denying whether he'll swing into the new movie.

We'll know for sure when the trailer drops today (time unknown).

'Captain America: Civil War' will be released on May 6, 2016.

Do you think Spider-Man will appear in the trailer?

Source: Latino-Review


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