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Hmm, so you’ve made it till there. Well, at least, the hard part is over, but now you wonder as to what’s going to keep this conversation fresh for the better part of this setting. Well read more to find out what questions to ask a girl:

1. So there she sits, just across the table from you. A pretty generic question would be to ask her what she does for a living, and if she isn’t working well then improvise a little and inquire about her interests. Interests will reveal if she is compatible for you in one way or another. You don’t want to end up with someone asking you to lay off of your favorite video games or television shows.

2. Now to the original question in 1) “what she does for a living”? Please bear with me, but this is as important as landing this dinner date. You get to share the bill, duh!

3. This third one may appear as a bit cheesy but eliciting a response over this gets you to adapt to her liking. What do you look for in a guy? I’m sure she found some of the traits in you resonating with her Mr. Perfect (that’s why she’s with you in the first place) but still a breakdown of it coming from her mouth would be worth a shot.

4. Do you see yourself as a homemaker? This enquiry will reveal her intent as to what she thinks of running a household, raising kids, etc. (should your venture continue from this point forward and you get deadly serious about hooking up with her for the rest of eternity). For those looking for serious relationships, believe me, this is one of the equally important questions to ask a girl.

5. Would you still be by my side, if I choose to pursue my passion? It might be a career in singing, acting, painting, babysitting (Okay maybe not that) but still this corporate setup can only last for so long because people are becoming more and more self-employed, or the world puts it ‘entrepreneurs.' That’s when her companionship will count the most.

6. Now would be the time to gauge her level of shopaholic-ness, so fire away.

7. What would be her favorite tourist/travel spot that she has fantasized about all her life and why? You see that the ‘why’ here will imply as if you are interested in what she has to say (if you’re not already).

8. Ask her who she’s considered her most trusted aide? Is it a friend, her mom, her younger brother or an ex (if there is one then you better brace yourself and God save you if he’s a stalker type)? This question usually allows you to work that special person in her life, so when the shit hits the fan, they can vouch for your character.

9. Her favorite dine-in spot.

10. Her favorite smell/color.

And yes, I deliberately italicized 'Her' above in both 9) & 10). No, not because I enjoyed Joaquin Phoneix in 'Her' or HER for that matter. Although, I did enjoy Scarlett Johansson's eargasmic AI voice as Samantha + Arcade Fire's Super Symmetry.


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