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As Episode 12 of The Walking Dead came to a close on Sunday night, we witnessed scenes of Morgan welding something mysterious intercut with scenes of the gang back at Negan's compound.

For many of us watching, it seemed like the obvious guess was that Morgan was building a prison cell (in fact, I wrote about it over here), and now the director of the episode, Greg Nicotero, has 100 percent confirmed our theory was correct!

Speaking to Yahoo, Nicotero said:

"Yes. He’s building a cell. The jail cell that they had wasn’t necessarily much of a jail cell. It was like a little room with a little metal gate. I think Morgan is committed to the next time they have somebody in there, if they need to, they’ll attempt to rehabilitate them. He wants to be equipped. It goes back to his story with Eastman. Let’s be honest, Jesus didn’t last very long in that place. It can’t be that secure."

Nicotero has a point. After all, the two prisoners that Alexandria has kept (Alpha Wolf and Jesus) have both managed to escape fairly easily. I also thought that Nicotero's thought about Morgan's thought of prisoner rehabilitation, going back to his time with Eastman, was particularly interesting.

WARNING: Comic spoilers below!

Of course, the confirmation by Nicotero that Morgan was building a prison cell also means that we were on the right track when we theorized that a certain yet-to-be-introduced Big Bad will one day end up inside that cell.

That's right, in the comic series, Negan eventually ends up inside an Alexandria cell after he's defeated by Rick and the gang in Issue 126. Negan ends up imprisoned because Rick decides it would be inhuman to kill him, though I think you'll all agree that doesn't exactly sound like the Rick Grimes we all know and love. But who knows? Perhaps over the course of the next season Morgan will manage to convince him that prison and rehabilitation is the answer. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

'The Walking Dead' returns with Episode 13, 'The Same Boat' on Sunday, March 13 on AMC

Did you realize what Morgan was building?

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