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Well, that was an attack on the senses. EA and DICE released a new trailer for Star Wars: Battlefront on March 7th, which depicted the new free content players can expect to receive with the March update. Bare in mind that this is not to be conflated with the paid DLC pack, Outer Rim, which will deliver additional content on an undisclosed date this month.

The trailer, which we've posted below, invites us to "Get Back Into The Battle" with free new maps, two free co-op missions, new gear and something which we haven't heard anything of before, called 'Hutt Contracts". But what are they?

Hutt Contracts Available In Free March Update For Star Wars: Battlefront

The trailer is remarkably concise, coming in at 30 seconds it really attacks you with this announcement. But the Hutt Contracts section shows us Jabba the Hutt laughing (as he so wonderfully does) while holding a hologram projector, which displays two of the new weapons that are due to arrive in the free March update for Star Wars: Battlefront across PS4, XBOX One and PC. But what does it all mean?

Hey, Jabba.
Hey, Jabba.

Could this be a new mode for Star Wars: Battlefront? One in which players are rewarded with certain weapons during a battle for a certain amount of kills? Or perhaps we'll be required to, for example, take out 40 X-Wing fighters to gain access to a new weapon or a buffer. Maybe they'll be an expansion upon the daily challenges that Battlefront already features.

Or perhaps it isn't a feature of multiplayer at all. Maybe this could be a new singleplayer mode, one in which we must beat other bounty hunters to a target. This obviously won't have anything to do with Greedo (one of the boring new characters that Battlefront's DLC is introducing) going up against Boba Fett, even though that would be kinda awesome.

Are You Excited For The Outer Rim DLC Pack?

Star Wars: Battlefront
Star Wars: Battlefront

We feel that if EA and DICE had included a brand new mode for free in [Star Wars: Battlefront](tag:2684021), fans would have heard of it. Therefore, it seems likely that this Hutt Contracts mode will be an offline feature for either one or two players to engage with together. Or maybe not, who knows? What do you think these Hutt Contracts are and what sort of mode would you really like to see in Star Wars: Battlefront? Let us know where you stand in the comments below!


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