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Unfortunately, all good things have to eventually come to an end, and that includes The CW's awesome collection of superhero TV series.

A trio of DC adaptations are all set to conclude over the coming months (for the time being, anyway).

Check out the finale dates below, and make sure you make a note in your diary:

1. 'DC’s Legends of Tomorrow'

Season: 1

Finale date: Thursday 19th May

The spin-off of Arrow and Flash is only in its debut season, and focuses on a superhero ensemble, constructed by the time travelling Rip Hunter.

After tonights seventh episode (for which the promo is above), the show will go on a min break until March 31st.

2. 'The Flash'

Season: 2

Finale date: Tuesday 24th May

The show based on the titular character, played by Grant Gustin, is into its second season, with a solid viewership average of six million.

Barry Allen is a crime scene investigator who uses his super speed to fight criminals. The show is currently on a break, but will return on March 22nd. In fans will also be treated to an episode directed by Kevin Smith.

3. 'Arrow'

Season: 4

Finale Date: Tuesday 24th May

Arrow is the longest running show on the CW comic book train, with Stephen Amell in the leading role. The show focuses on billionaire Oliver Queen and his alter ego, Green Arrow.

The show will also return from a break on March 23rd.

Which is your favorite of the three shows?

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