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Recently The Hollywood Reporter broke the news that Netflix are looking to snap up the rights to Max Landis' cop drama come fantasy adventure: Bright. The concept is that magic is a normality, magical beings live in harmony with humanity. The plot follows a police officer that must work with an orc, they are tasked with finding an extremely powerful magical object which is surrounded by intrigue. That is where the crime element comes in. At the moment Will Smith is believed to be playing the human cop and Joel Edgerton will portray the orc. This sounds like a really fun movie and it no doubt will be given that Max Landis and David Ayer were behind it.

The movie rights are reportedly up for grabs and are currently undergoing a bidding war. According to THR, Netflix are the highest bidder at the moment. The movie is expected to have a budget close to $80-100 million dollars and potential buyers have been asked to make a production commitment. The initial draft of the script was devised by the fantastic Max Landis of Chronicle, Me Him Her and various YouTube passion projects such as Wrestling Isn't Wrestling. This conceptual script is to be re-written and directed by David Ayer of Fury and End of Watch.

The fantasy genre seems to be opening up again recently. For some time Peter Jackson's take on the Tolkein universe and Harry Potter filled the box office's quota of fantasy movies. Nobody dared to go up against those movies due to their insane levels of popularity. However now that Jackson is done with Middle Earth and Rowling's Potter-verse is taking a more reserved approach these days, that is changing. We are getting fresh and exciting projects in the fantasy genre including this one.

As for Max Landis, I cannot praise him enough, the amount of good things I could say about him would make this article like an essay. So I all I will say is, if you want an example of how great his writing is go and buy Superman: American Alien. That series has been the very best take on the timeless character that I have ever read. Also, watch all of his YouTube videos, he uses the money he makes from selling scripts to create passion projects with his friends. Netflix are smart for banking on the ideas of this genius.


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