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A little while ago, the most gorgeous family ever that are Chris Pratt, Anna Faris, and their son Jack, had the honor of naming a penguin at the Woodland Park Zoo. But they announced their choice from the coziness of their home and hadn't actually gotten around to meeting the lucky penguin yet.

So, two days ago they made a little trip to the zoo, where Jack got to see the freshly baptized penguin up close while his mom provided us mere mortals with some adorable pictures.

That's Eagle The Penguin

Back in October, Jack proclaimed that the penguin would be named Eagle. As his mom adds, "a penguin with an aspiration to fly would be really fun."

Meeting Eagle IRL

Jack was clearly delighted to be finally meeting the aspirational bird, although he probably wasn't expecting the smell in the penguin enclosure.

Jack Loves Zoos

It's not the first time that the Jurassic World star and his family have been recommending zoos: in November, little Jack got the chance to wander around the Georgia Aquarium. His dad emphasized that "it's important our future generations develop an appreciation for nature."

Does family life get any cuter than this?

Who's your favorite celebrity family?


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