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Sure, Roadblock is a WWE Network exclusive but it's still going to be canon on the road to WrestleMania 33, so let's analyse each match and I'll give you the result that should happen, and if it doesn't, then fuck me sideways.

Dash and Dawson (The Revival) vs Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady for the NXT Tag Team Championships.

It's pretty clear that Enzo and Cas are clearly ready for the main roster, it's just all about timing. They're elite in what they do, which is wowing the crowd and keeping their eyes on them. However, they shouldn't win here because if they were to win the titles, we would see a delay in the Enzo and Cas train to the main roster. Expect a Dash and Dawson win here.

The New Day vs The League of Nations for the WWE Tag Team Championships

I've gotta say, I love New Day and honestly I feel they could work Heel or Face, depending on how WWE play the fate of the titles. But for me, New Day HAVE to walk away with the belts, they're too good. I do feel the League of Nations is a way to get top stars TV time, and the gimmick isn't working. Also you can tell Barrett is pissed about his screen time, and he will leave when his contract is over. The whole 4 of them is a discount version of any Heel Stable. They need to disband, and I reckon a Wade Barrett face turn would be a good turning point, but WWE are pussies.

Lesnar vs Wyatt

I'm so sick of Wyatt losing all the time, he's SO GOOD. In my opinion, hands down Wyatt is the best mic worker in the business, better than Heyman and Cena. However, Lesnar can't lose. This is tricky, but a Lesnar/Strowman face off is inevitable really. Expect a shannanigan win for Lesnar, maybe count out or DQ. This feud won't continue past Roadblock though, unfortunately.

HHH vs Ambrose

We all know what will happen and it makes me angry, man. Ambrose should be Reigns, he's better on the Mic, in the ring and with the crowd. EVERYONE loves Ambrose but no, WWE feel because Roman Reigns is Rocky Johnson's cousin, he gets elevated to the top. HHH will win, but if Ambrose gets double work and wins the Title at WM33, it'd be stellar.

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