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Hollywood is a tough place, right? Can't reach the top without manipulating your way to it. And while directors are seen as the biggest piece of the puzzle in making a film, that's not the case at all (while directors have some part if the film sucks, but let's be honest, they're just some blokes who point cameras).

The real heroes, on the other hand, are screenwriters! Yes, those uknowns you don't care about, that write and are 99% responsible for the great film you just watched, right, mate? Screenwriters are instrumental parts of making a film WORK.

But there are some complete bastards out there, that i am selling my soul to Lucifer to include these utter and complete wankers on the list.

Alright, here we go!

#1: Max Landis:

Now Max Landis is the living definition of a dude who has crazy but good ideas, but is so goddamn bad at fleshing them out (how the fuck do you explain America Ultra bombing so badly?) and he's kind of a douchebag. And a hipster ego wanker.

But let's say one thing: He's a one hit wonder. He got lucky with Chronicle, but no more than that.

You're running out of luck, Max.

#2: Skip Woods

He's so shitty, i can not find a pic of that wanker
He's so shitty, i can not find a pic of that wanker

Let me tell you some films off Skip Woods' colorfoul filmography: X Men Origins Wolverine and Sabotage.

This wanker destroyed Deadpool and Wolverine, and almost killed David Ayer's carrer.

Yeah, f***k this guy. He's a wanker and shit writer.

#3: David Goyer

This utter bastard wrote Blade Trinity, Man Of Steel, and a horrible Blade pilot, and can't write for shit.

Man Of Steel was alright, but this guy is as hated as Hitler in the comic book fan circuit.

Seriously, Goyer, f**k off, twat.

#4: Ehren Kruger

This motherf***king piece of shit, wrote the Transformers films. That's enough to hate him.

And his writing is that bad, that i do think EVERYONE would prefer to punch him in the face.

But, not only that, he's responsible for ruining YOUR childhood, so you should march right over to his house, with bloody pitch forks, mate.


Now, i know this isn't a long post as i wanted it to be, but i am proud of it and screw these writers and let's make ....ALessShitterPlace

But tomorrow, next post on "5 Reasons On Why Batman V Superman Will Win You Over" and check out a friend of mine who also writes on here, and is a wonderful film geek and cinephile, by the name of Chuck Wending, and check him out, here on moviepilot.

I may make ANOTHER 5 TERRIBLE SCREENWRITERS, but maybe an actors one.


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