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I love great characters, solid plots and an intriguing story line to pull me in. There's also nothing better than a visual medium that makes
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Virtual reality dating is not a new thing.
And the reason I bring Her up is because a lot of our world nowadays is connected to the social media every single moment of our lives.

It's also because I do remember this is the movie I was recommended and was a really good one that I still remember today. I also remember me asking myself whether or not I should watch this movie again, but I did remember a lot of it just because it is a really good movie.

Let's look at this from a teenager's perspective because the social media storm has become the fad that won't fade away, and it looks like we are entering this reality of virtual realities.
And looks like we will be using virtual realities not too far in the future.

And as an introvert I think I relate most to this guy; Allen Childe who is always busy working to have a social life of his own and if he tries it's too hard because it's not easy to talk to women or to put your dignity on the line.
I wish there is an easier way to do it as well but there's really just a good sense of self esteem and confidence.

And by the looks of it, he is impressed with this computer chick. Or rather the virtual computer girlfriend that he has and the struggles he has.

I mean it's the same thing any guy goes through in a relationship and it's even worse because it's a computer and it's always going to be smarter than you that's why, throughout the movie it seems there is a line that he treads lightly.

I mean the girl asks him if he can gift him with a real girl so they can make love for real but it's more intimate if they can do it together that's what the girl tries to understand as well, and they both have to try to learn about each others worlds.

I mean look at it this way. Its obvious that he finds this person extremely attractive and whether it's weird or not it's up to him really and I mean even the LGBTQ community finally got it's due, and it's really a question about affection and whether or not it's real.

Especially if he really feels that all this is real and regardless that she's technically a computer bot relationships still take time and still take effort and based on that alone I think this is what steps this movie up even more and really this movie made me think. I remember when I watched it and I think it was late 2014 so it was with a fresh mind and not so much burn out anymore and I think one core thing resonated with me a lot which was the human loner factor.

I mean this guy has friends but he doesn't really hang out much and it's all because he wants to find that balance perfectly but just can't.

I recommend Her highly and it is one to ponder on.

And really if it's a computer with Scarlett Johanssen's voice I am so there too ;P


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