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I love great characters, solid plots and an intriguing story line to pull me in. There's also nothing better than a visual medium that makes
Walter Ng

I'd never watched Pulp Fiction but now that I have. I have to say this movie felt... old.

Don't get me wrong this movie was awesome and anything with Tim Roth in it I'm so there, but I guess, I've watched these types of movies before and you could say that this came first and the others were just copying this movie, but I don't know.
And really there's so many plot lines it's hard to follow.

A kind of a Cloud Atlas thing if you're into that, but I liked Cloud Atlas and I like this too.

It's what you'd expect from and 80's(late 80', early 90's) film.

I mean really the only hook is what's in the brief case which I'm just gonna guess that it's gold bars otherwise the glow shouldn't really be there but that may be because they were playing it up more comic book style but really if you wanna do that style Watchmen did it much better but I have to say Pulp fiction was interesting for the most parts with John Travolta and Sam L. Jackson.

I mean really the focus of the movie is on them... I think, and really it's the blurred line of cop/ mafia under-table money goons, or just hired killers I should say that keep me hooked oh and I mean for the wanted violence. It's weird it's surreal but I guess that's what's fun about it.

It's story line again I said was a bit confusing but for the most part I get what it's trying to come across, I just was confused about the delivery and why certain things were done and what it's supposed to give you a feeling of.

Maybe in the end it's just supposed to keep you on your toes, and this movie certainly does,I mean hell there's even a scene with an almost overdose scene on it.

It's really just a gore galore. And whether it's for the right reasons..., I think it is I'm still not sure but hey it was still a fun ride. Unlike some other movies...


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