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In the years following “Gears of War 3,” Marcus Fenix apparently did his best to enjoy a normal life. So much so that he found the time to reproduce, providing us with “Gears of War 4” protagonist, JD Fenix. This little snippet of info comes from Game Informer’s latest cover, which is all about the future of the Gears. Think of it as “Gears of War: The New Class.”

Joining JD in the fight against their generation of monsters are Kait Diaz, a survivalist from outside of the “walled city-states,” and Delmont Walker, an ex-COG and friend of JD. Seems like we’ll be getting our Marcus and Dom dynamic back, something from the original “Gears” trilogy that was both surprisingly deep and heartbreaking. Little has been revealed about the story just yet, save for that JD is forced to go AWOL after a “classified incident.”

While we still await the big reveal of who JD, Kait and Del will be squaring off against and why the cities are walled off, the background of the cover is worth noting. “Gears of War” was all about “destroyed beauty,” once gorgeous cities that now lay in shambles, some literally coated in the ashes of their citizens.

On the cover issue, our trio of soldiers - all brandishing surprisingly familiar weaponry for a game that takes place 2 decades after “Gears 3,” - are standing in front of expansive, lush mountain ranges. Could “Gears 4” be looking to take us deeper into the natural beauty of Sera?

The “Gears” trilogy had always been something gorgeous to look at, and a possible change of terrain will likely carry that element even further.

Keep an eye out for your issue of Game Informer this month for its 14-page cover story that will answer some of your pressing “Gears of War 4” questions.


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