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These days everyone knows Melissa McBride, the beloved star of The Walking Dead that's the cookie-baking "mom of Alexandria" one moment, and a ruthless, machete-wielding warrior the next. But, as is often the case with TV stars that skyrocket to fame with a current hit series, people forget they had a career long before that stardom. This is where we find nuggets of gold like the short film, Lost Crossing, by BlueLantern Films.

Running away from home 15-year-old Marie is befriended by a fellow traveler, Sheila, when they are unexpectedly stranded in the small town of Lost Crossing. Their friendship provides a needed lifeline until a disturbing secret catches up with them and Marie must find a way to escape on her own.

Yes, before she was hacking zombies and blowing up Terminus as "Carol", Melissa McBride was out there kicking ass as "Shiela", and it's uncanny how much the characters have in common. In fact, you can almost see some of the foundations of Carol in Lost Crossing. It is a powerful, must-see performance for any Melissa McBride fan.

Melissa McBride in Lost Crossing
Melissa McBride in Lost Crossing

The producers behind the popular series Hillbilly Horror Show and the award-winning feature House of Good and Evil have taken notice of what BlueLantern Films has to offer as well. They are now featuring the link to Lost Crossing, where you can enter to win a poster and DVD, on the HHS website. Just scroll down and click the Lost Crossing poster here.

They are also helping to promote BlueLantern's latest feature film venture, Beacon Point.

A group of hikers lost on the Appalachian Trail stumble across an ancient secret that threatens their survival.

Beacon Point is dubbed as, "The horror movie in the woods that will make you never want to go camping again!" It stars Rachel Marie Lewis, who you may recall lit up the screen as "Maggie" in House of Good and Evil and, from the looks of the Beacon Point trailer, she's about to light it up again!

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