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Ever wish that a game could just be that bit more realistic? Ever wanted to drive a Ferrari and feel like you're actually inside one, or skydive from a plane and feel the rush of wind flying through your hair?

With the advance in technology and in the fourth iteration of gaming consoles, it's not long until we experience the perfect, fully immersive gaming reality.

Of course, we already are almost there with products such as the Oculus Rift being utilised for a variety of FPS, horror survival and open world RPG games.

HITMAN, 2016
HITMAN, 2016

Sometimes... You just want more.

Step in YouTube channel RealmPictures. The YouTube studio hit the internet with a bang when they delivered their stunning Chatroullette First Person Shooter game.

The online studio sprang the game on unknowing strangers, giving them full control over a character as he tries to survive a zombie apocalypse in level 1, and escape an infected alien ship in deep space in level 2.

It didn't take long for the group to get noticed by gaming studios, with many looking at the platform as an extremely effective marketing ploy.

Studios recognised that allowing gamers to take full control of their characters, in a form that's never been done before, provided an all new gaming experience. One that transcends traditional gaming and would create even more hype for their product.

The studio that jumped on the opportunity first was IO-Interactive, with their game HITMAN.

IO-Interactive saw how RealmPictures designed their gaming experience and realised that it would be perfect for their HITMAN franchise. The action-adventure stealth game is abundant in adrenaline filled content. As you take control of Agent 47 and attempt to navigate the various missions with stealth, you can't help but become nervous and excited as you creep up on unknowing enemies, strangling them from behind or executing them with your silenced pistol.

So how do you up this ante?

Well... What happens if it's real life, with a real agent, where life and death truly matter!

RealmPictures invited some of their favourite YouTubers to play as Agent 47. Ushered into a dark room, the YouTubers were provided with a monitor showing their Agent, a briefcase containing the mission brief, a map of the building, laptop and a telephone.

The instructions are simple:

  • There's a briefcase in front of you, open it.
  • Inside you'll find details of the contract.
  • Your mission is to eliminate the Serbian arms dealer.
  • First you must shut down the security and CCTV system.

After the instructions the YouTubers are left to do as they please... Check out how they got on below, and comment what you would of done differently!


Will you be buying HITMAN?


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