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If you're a superhero fan or if you love fan films, then this is a film you definitely want to take the time to check out! Justice League: The Shattered Paragon is a fan film that is hitting the internet on August 14th 2016.

The movie is a prequel to the fan film Justice League: Trinity Force. Check out the link below:

Justice League: Trinity Force is about Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman overcoming their differences and scars from what seems to have been a traumatizing event in the DC universe to help stop the Joker who enlists Metallo for his own evil ends. The movie got noticed enough to be reviewed by a few YouTubers and article writers/bloggers for fan films. They had some things they thought the film makers could improve on but overall the reaction to the fan film was great! The criticisms and suggestions did not go unnoticed though. The Director/Editor/Writer Nathaniel Shields of Shields Productions took those suggestions to heart and applied them to his prequel Justice League: The Shattered Paragon. Check out their latest trailer below:

The plot details aren't exactly clear but from what we can see they seem to be following the plot of Lex Luthor's presidency campaign. Lex Luthor's announcement seems to be getting under Superman's skin which is starting to cause some tension in the League. Seeing how this is a prequel to the devastated world in Justice League: Trinity Force I can't imagine things will go well for our heroes. This fan film is definitely one I think we should keep our eye on and I hope it is something we all will enjoy!


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