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Shaun of the Dead might actually be my favorite movie of all time not only because it's just genuinely amazing, but it also has so many moment of parody throughout the entire movie. If you watched it only once you might have missed them, but if you're like me you have probably seen it over 5 times! So, for starters here's what you might of missed...

1. The scene where Ed tries to cheer up Shaun rolls out the entirety of the movie

I don't know about you, but I think that's pretty ingeniously funny.

2. The first zombie Ed and Shaun find in their garden is Mary, the girl from the opening credits

Funny enough most of the extras you see throughout the entire movie show up as zombies at some point.

3. Shaun Of The Dead features a red Cornetto ice cream, matching the color of blood and zombies.

There's also ice cream symbolism in Hot Fuzz.

4. Shaun yells at Ed for using “the zed word” (zombie), which is a reference to the fact that in most famous zombie films, no one ever uses the word “zombie.”

For an awful remix in 240P click here.

5. Shaun’s roommate Pete tells Ed if he “wants to live like an animal, he can live in a shed.” By the end of the movie he does.

I bet he is whooping Shaun at whatever they're playing.

6. The zombie in the yellow hat is Tyres, the bike messenger from Spaced, the sitcom that came out right before Shaun Of The Dead.

You should totally try watching Spaced because it's fantastic!

7. The word “fuck” is used 77 times.

The little things you start to notice, ya!?

In conclusion

There's always more than just a few gags like this in movies, so keep your eyes open next time. Also in the mean time...


Which one was your favorite?


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