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Vitmor Steinfeld

After Spider-man 3 ruined the chance to have another Sam Raimi movie like Spider-man 2, there came The Amazing Spider-man. The movie was actually good, better than I expected, but that saga was killed by The Amazing Spider-man 2, where they spent the whole movie killing the romance that brought us to the theaters, and then even literally killing it by killing Gwen, way sooner than what they should. The movie wasn't terrible, but just that, was enough to ruin the saga.

Last year we found out that Spider-man would FINALLY join the Marvel Cinematic Universe (a little bit late in my opinion), and that he would make his debut on screen in Captain America: Civil War.

It was hard to cast Peter Parker/ Spider-man, and the fan favorite was Dylan O'brien, but he later said he wans't even contacted so that was a disapointment to many.

When we got to see the top 5 choices of Marvel I was surprised with the actors they picked. They are all good actors but to be Spidey? Really?

Later they announced that it would be Tom Holland playing Spider-man and i was NOT excited. He was AMAZING in the movie The Impossible, but he does not have a Peter Parker look.

Oh boy, was I wrong. . .

When he putted on his Instagram a photo of his new hair i was amazed. I was like: Hey look, It's Peter Parker!! He lives!!

There I got excited, ery, very excited. And when he posted he's jumping and flying around videos I knew. . . we got Spider-man and Marvel made a good choise as it almost always does.

The first amazing trailer for Civil War came and. . . no Spidey, as it was to be expected, because why would they show us the character that is making us drool over the movie? Then the awesome Super Bowl trailer came and. . . you guessed it, no spidey. But now it is different now, today, this day, we are forever webbed to this trailer. I present to you Captain America: Civil War . . . with Spider-man:


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