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Now it's time to take a look at the new trailer to Captain America: Civil War, and then chat about it a little.

OK, not only do we get a small glimpse of Spider-Man in the trailer, but we see what side he is on, team Iron Man. What better way to call on Spider-Man in a Tony Stark style nickname, underoos.

Then there is the money shot of the entire trailer, because we know they all should have one.

The timeline of the trailer is still a mystery. Seeing that Spider-Man takes Cap's shield away, and then he has it again for the confrontation. Spider-Man's time in Civil War may me limited, and may take about five minutes or so of screen time, but it will be the most highly anticipated five minutes in 2016.

We see Captain America taking a very impressive hit from Iron Man with Bucky Barnes spectating in the background, but the biggest question is, who is in the container? It does look awfully familiar to the one the Winter Soldier was in at the beginning of the trailer. During the scene you see what looks like Bucky about to break the container.

We also get to see Ant-Man in action. Riding one of Hawkeye's arrows towards Iron-Man. Which is paying homage to the comics.

There are plenty of rumors rolling around that since the release of the Funko Pop! Vinyl of Captain America: Civil War, that, oh yeah, possible spoiler ahead.

Ant-Man is rumored to become Giant Man during the events of Civil War based on the release of the Giant Man Funko Pop. Which is going to bring a new twist to the Ant-Man sequel.

Like what they've done with Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice, the trailer only focuses on the battle between the two hero factions, and nothing about the main villain Baron Zemo.

People spoke on how unfair it was that Iron Man has The Vision on his side, but we saw that Scarlet Witch has him in the palm of her hands.

So many things that went on in this trailer, and we still don't know much about the plans of the main villain. Something that is very well hidden and I'm glad they are not giving us everything in the trailers like Avengers: Age of Ultron and Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice did.


Does this get you even more excited for Captain America: Civil War?


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