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The new Captain America:Civil War Trailer has finally hit online which gave us our first look at Spider-Man. Two Words....MIND BLOWN!!! Let's not discuss how excited I am after watching the trailer but get on the main deal. Here are 5 important mind blowing things in the new trailer


At long last......
At long last......

The trailer gave us the first official look at the new suit. I am getting goosebumps right now after looking at this image. Finally, Marvel has bestowed us with everyone's favorite wall crawler. Gotta say,Tom Holland looks AMAZING!! But him taking an order from Tony? So, has Spider-Man chosen his side?

2. War Machine/War Hammer

Shot through the heart...
Shot through the heart...

What's the deal with War Machine/WarHammer? Who shot him? Was it Bucky? Though it can't be confirmed but it does look like Bucky or an accidental shot from Iron Man? Either way, he's gonna get shot! Maybe that's the emotional element of the film...

Tony is definitely gonna be pissed! Let's hope War Machine doesn't die.

3. Scarlett Witch vs. The Vision

Pretty intense scene. It's seems that Scarlett Witch is trying out her "thing" on The Vision for some reason (though it looks as if The Vision attacked Hawkeye who is on the ground or someone else). It's not clear why but the scene looks definitely cool. Hope this doesn't mess up their relationship like in the comics. Man, I want bad!

4. Crossbones and Black Panther

Is that a bird?
Is that a bird?

Crossbones is revealed in the trailer. Though he was revealed in the first Trailer, at least you don't need to freeze the frame and zoom this time. That fight is probably his revenge on Cap since he said (not here), "Remember me?.....You dropped a building on my face!" Wow!

While Cap is busy fighting Crossbones, his buddy is busy fighting Black panther. The bike chasing scene was awesome but this rooftop solo fight scene grabbed my attention. Especially, when Black Panther's costume deflected the bullets shot from the Helicopter.

5. "You just started a WAR........"

The War is on!! Both Cap and Iron Man take a hard beating from each other. But the gravity of the scene made me shake in my boots...

Or maybe this is that emotional ending? Man, the look on Cap's face though......


Hi everyone...
Hi everyone...

The suit looks awesome. Marvel has given us the first comic accurate Spidey suit though it looks as it's been directly inspired from "The Ultimate Spider-Man" animated series.

Here's what's interesting

  • The Detailing looks right on track. At first, it looked like the web was printed all over the suit but a closer look reveals the web carvings on the suit. No other Spider-Man has done this (except for THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, but com'on, it looked ridiculous!). The previous versions gave us the webbing which was bulging out whereas this version is just the opposite.
  • The webbing is not mesh-mash. it's pretty delicate and clear.Civil War’s Spider-Man costume isn’t going to raise or sink the webbing lines that make the pattern on the red fabric. In fact, if the webbing pattern runs vertically, they’re two small black lines suggesting a negative space line.
  • Great eyes. Not too big, not too small but subtle. The previous ones gave us either insanely big eyes or "creative eyes" (No offense, Toby!)
  • The eyes look like they use CGI, just as The Russo Brothers stated a few months ago. The cool thing about the Civil War Spider-Man suit is that the mechanical eyes amazingly contracts from a John Romita-sized eye to a Steve Ditko-sized eye.Maybe "Zoom eyes" cause they made the "zooming" sound when he "zoomed" in the frame, compliments from Tony Stark, I suppose?
  • The Spidey symbol on the chest is small and similar to the comic book version by John Romita. A definite time pause in the trailer does reveal the back symbol which is similar to the Silver Age in the comics;without joints and mandibles.
  • There are lines running through his hands,feet and the back, clearing separating the parts like gloves, shoes and shoulders.
Heads up!!
Heads up!!
  • External web-shooters supported by a wrist belt. Interesting take.
  • That belt looks it actually holds the costume though that might be just from stretching.

Overall pretty good costume just as I was expecting. Marvel, You did it again!


How did you find the new trailer?


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