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While we run and scream from the bomb that just blew up the internet (see the above picture) it's time for the analysing part of the newest Captain America: Civil War trailer. And no, I'm not just talking about THAT new costume, but we'll get to that as well. Let's start from the beginning.

Now, what's this mysterious location at the beginning of the trailer? Absolutely no clue, but at first thought it does look like the kind of isolated place you could hide out in the middle of a war... or find a hiding Hulk? (Nah)

Here's the first of many unhappy looking heroes throughout this trailer. The camera off to the side of this shot makes it possible that this could be the superhero prison that we're all assuming Tony Stark will build in this film. The real question is why would Steve be there in his costume? Could he be staging a break out for another member of his team? (Bucky?)

And a few memories for everyone as well. This shot is from The Avengers, and it turns out the Chitauri only caused 74 casualties in their entire invasion. Seems pretty low, but well done Avengers I guess.

The number of casualties in Washington DC during the events of Captain America: The Winter Soldier is even lower, but that isn't as surprising as the helicarriers merely crashed into the Potomac, and there were plenty of planes on them to evacuate the majority of people on board.

With the evacuation of the city being one of the main priorities during the battle of Sokovia for the Avengers during The Avengers: Age of Ultron, it isn't at all surprising that they were able to keep the toll down to less than 200, but unfortunately...

The effects of that battle live on in the survivors. It's still a sore spot for Scarlet Witch, the loss of her homeland and brother isn't something she'll get over quickly. We also know now that in addition to Tony, Natasha and Steve being talked to by General Ross, Wanda is also there. Is it just them? Or is the entire new team of Avengers hanging around with them as well?

Now the interesting thing here is that Ross doesn't sound triumphant over the sanctions coming against Cap and the rest of the Avengers. He sounds beaten down, broken, as he says "Captain, people are afraid."

Chadwick Boseman as T'challa, or rather a bloody, injured T'challa. This scene may explain why the king of a foreign country comes into this war, and it is likely to have something to do with Crossbones I feel.

"We need to be put in check". I've said for a long time now that the timing of Civil War directly after Age of Ultron is a stroke of genius, because after the creation of Ultron, Tony would have realised just how out of control he was. This single quote describes exactly how he is feeling right now. He thinks all heroes should be sanctioned, believing none of them to be able to completely handle their power out in the world without government control.

"Whatever form that takes, I'm game". This could be the line that warrants such a grimace from Steve. While Tony feels the effects of Age of Ultron, Steve thinks more about Winter Soldier. There he saw what happened when government got it's hands on his best friend, and then saw the destruction of SHIELD and the instability of any government organisation with so much power. He doesn't believe at this moment that SHIELD or any government could wield the power of the Avengers appropriately.

And what is she thinking? I'm pretty sure that Black Widow will switch from Tony Stark's side during the film, but we'll get to that later. At this moment, I think Natasha, also having seen the demolition of SHIELD, will feel torn. But she knows that when left rogue, the Avengers have too much power. How does this puzzle out in her head?

And here is one of the biggest talking points of the whole trailer. It looks like, much as he did in the comics, Tony Stark will be capturing his enemies and locking them inside a high-tech prison. I'm guessing this was built for supervillains and will be retconned for the purpose of holding Cap and his team, but will Cap enter to break out someone? (Bucky?)

A better look at the inside of the prison, and the cells. It looks pretty high tech, but I can't imagine why this would be shown so prominently in the trailer unless there was a breakout staged in addition to heroes getting locked up in here.

And Tony, looking battle worn, at the prison. His arm is in a sling, and creator Trevor Norkey wrote a great article on how this makes it more likely that Spidey will switch to Team Cap at some point during the film. Check out that article by clicking here!

"I'm sorry Tony, if I see a situation pointed south, I can't ignore it. Sometimes I wish I could." WHAT!? That line, a falter in the sworn oath of Captain America to protect everyone that needs his help, is a sign that he is definitely weary of the heroic life. It has pressed at him for some time now, as it would if you woke up after sixty years and saw all of the damage the world inflicts upon itself no matter how many heroes are there to protect it.

This scene is going to be great, I just know it. Not sure quite why Black Panther is chasing Bucky down with such great intensity, but he certainly catches up with him.

And I can't wait to see the two of them fighting. I can't tell how this scene will factor into the film, as there is no sign of Iron Man at all here, and it is possible that after the starting scene where Cap and Bucky escape soldiers, Black Panther tracks them and captures Bucky, then takes him to Tony's prison. That would allow Cap to stage a breakout.

But at some point Bucky would be out again, and whatever is done to him in that prison could be the factor which motivates him to try and kill Tony. Something seriously bad has to happen I imagine before Bucky goes after anyone with that mindset again. Could this be where Baron Zemo comes into play? Brainwashing Bucky again to make him kill Tony and start a war?

And then there's yet another tease that War Machine is set to die in this film. We know heroes must fall in it, because it has been described as heartbreaking, but everytime we see a tease that hints at Rhodey being a casualty, it makes me more and more convinced he isn't going to die. Come on, would Marvel really show a major character's death before the film comes out?

Even if Rhodey doesn't die, Tony is still going to be out for blood after this happens. Look at the anger, he is seriously ready to murder Cap, Bucky or whoever else he has to for revenge.

I'll admit that he does look a bit dead, but the likelihood is that he is badly injured, and will probably pull through. I do admit that his death is possible, because he isn't set to play a big role in any other announced Marvel films. But why show us???

"I was wrong about you. The whole world was wrong about you." This is a haunting line from Tony. I can't imagine how much he and Steve must hate each other by the time their big fight comes, but they have clearly both done personal and terrible things to each other by that stage.

This could be from an early Crossbones scene leading to the Civil War. Could this be in Wakanda? If Crossbones attacked there, and Black Widow along with Cap and Scarlet Witch were there as Avengers to stop him, then while damage is done and casualties happen, we could also see a building with T'challa in it getting blown up and the war beginning. Don't forget that we saw Scarlet Witch in civilian clothes during the superbowl teaser.

"I'm not the one who needs to watch my back." See what I mean? She is disgusted with him. She really, really looks ready to change teams. Either Tony has just killed someone on Cap's team in as terrible a way as when he created a Thor clone in the comics, or he has brought in villains to hunt Cap, also like in the comics. Either way, I can see the already conflicted Widow betraying him after whatever he did.

This infamous shot, which many people theorised is in Peter Parker's house, comes with Steve saying "This doesn't have to end in a fight Tony." Clearly this is early in the film, before the stage where they both know it's war. Like the next picture!

Tony Stark is ready to kill Steve Rogers. He's injured already, so this is late in the film, and you can tell that whatever happened to Rhodey has already come and gone, and Tony no longer wants peace.

"You just started a war." It isn't surprising that Tony blames Steve for the war, as it is Steve who chose to help Bucky and not accept the accords, but what does Steve do to make Tony come out and say it directly?

Aside from Steve and Tony, this has got to be the greatest fight of the film. This scene looks like it will be the same one as the motorcycle chase, because Bucky is wearing the same clothes. But the big question is why does the helicopter shoot at T'challa? Who's in that thing?

And another great fight. This is in the Avengers neew headquarters, and it looks like Hawkeye on the floor in the bottom left corner of the screen. So what happened here, and who will win out in the battle of the heroes powered by the mind stone?

Here's Hawkeye in action in the airfield fight scene, complete with brand new costume. But watch out Tony, it isn't just an arrow he's firing at you!

I absolutely love this, Ant-Man flying on Hawkeye's arrow is straight out of the comics books and it's going to be fantastic.

Plus, seeing Scott Lang directly taking on Tony Stark in this scene is going to be amazing! Let's not forget he could get inside Tony's armour and kill him really easily.

I mean, it really looks like this scene could be in Wakanda. I've thought it may be from set photos for some time, and this shot makes it look even more possible. The fact that so many civilians are around also helps the theory that an event involving Cap and Crossbones will set off the war.

"Stay down, final warning." I think the airfield fight is a big one, but it can only be about halfway through the film. This fight between Iron Man and Cap is personal, and near the end of the film. They're both weary, they're mad, and they will hold back nothing. They hate each other, through and through. All friendship is gone.

"I could do this all day." An important thing to note is that the very first shot in the trailer is snowy and mountainous like the background there, so wherever it is, it may be where the final fight of the film takes place.

Just in case you haven't seen this awesome collection of heroes running into battle enough times already. There is emphasis on this scene I feel because it is the only one early enough in the film to still have all of the heroes shown alive and able to fight.

They do look a little outnumbered there, but that may be about to change.

I mean that's just awesome. It looks like Tony and Falcon could be about to fight, which may not end well for Sam Wilson.

Clearly they are fighting at least a little while before Tony calls a stop and makes his move. Maybe after a bit of fighting Tony offers Steve the chance to surrender. Steve doesn't take it, and so Tony calls for...

A little reinforcement.

There it is, the internet breaker. "Hey everyone" isn't speaking to the other heroes, it's our brand new, and hopefully definitive, cinematic Spider-Man talking to all of us for the very first time. Love the costume or hate the costume, because those things get ripped and replaced all the time, but Tom Holland as Peter Parker is here to stay folks, better believe that.

That's all we have for now, but better believe that it's only a couple more months until we get the whole two and a half hours of glorious, all-out war we've waited all this time for. If you want to keep up to date with any more news as it comes, drop me a follow kids, because I'm keeping up with it all.


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