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I've read a lot of Spider-Man comics and I'm willing to share what I know and my opinions on the things that I do know
Patrick Kohmann

It's finally here!!

The newest trailer for Captain America: Civil War has debuted only hours ago after fans have waited months for new footage and they are losing their minds for all kinds of reasons:

  • tensions between Steve Rogers and Tony Stark
  • Black Panther vs Bucky
  • Bucky shooting at Tony (and his reactions is stunning)
  • Rhodey being seriously injured (not sure about dead)
  • Scarlet Witch vs Vision
  • Hawkeyes firing an arrow with Ant-Man on it
  • Crossbones vs Captain America
  • Captain America vs Ironman
  • teams clashing

I could go on and on discussing all of the awesome points in this trailer, but I want to focus on one thing. One thing that captured the attention of almost everybody who watched the trailer...


We've been waiting to see any hint or glimpse of Spidey since the announcement that he'd being joining the MCU and the rumors of how involved he'll be in the Civil War storyline.

It was released long ago the Tom Holland would be playing Spidey in the MCU, which cast doubts for many fans and these doubts won't be properly addressed until the movie comes out, but we got a brief taste of Holland's Spider-Man at the end of the trailer.

Tony calls in Spidey. He grabs Cap's shield with his webs and binds Cap's hands together. He lands on a truck wielding Cap's shield, looks up at the teams, and says, "Hey everyone." This exactly the kind of thing Spider-Man would say when joining a major battle between superheroes.

At this point I would like to discuss the costume.

So far I'm a pretty big fan of the costume. They kept it similar to the original Spider-Man costume from the comics with a few changes. There is a band around each of his wrists (well you can only see one, but I think it's a safe assumption that it's on both of his wrists), which could possible be his web shooters. There are two more bands that can be found on his upper calf and his elbow. The last band that can be seen is on the upper part of his bicep.

You can also see that he has a belt of some kind, which could purely be for looks, but could also be for his web cartridges.

The only issue that I have with the costume are the eyes (and the size of the spider on his chest, but I'll get over that). It looks like they were trying to keep the eyes similar to what they looked like in the comics. Similar to Deadpool's eyes, it seems that Spider-Man's eyes move with his facial movements or emotions. However, Deadpool uses CGI, while Spider-Man's eyes seem to be mechanical based on the sound made when they change.

The reason I have an issue with they eyes is because it reminds me of 1970s Japanese Spier-Man's eyes (which many people can agree was a complete abomination and is commonly used to mock Spider-Man.

The small and narrow eyes are no longer being used in the comics for Spider-Man. The eyes have gotten larger (some too large) and seem to fit Spider-Man's mask. Without the larger eyes, it seems that there is too much free space on Spidey's face. I personally thought that they did a good job on the eyes of Spider-Man in the Amazing Spider-Man 2 (which might be my favorite costume so far).

A long time ago, it was rumored that Spider-Man would have two costumes in Captain America: Civil War (one Peter made and one Tony made for him). My best guess is that the costume that we've seen is the second costume.

Either way, it's still pretty exciting to finally see Spider-Man joining the MCU, especially during Civil War!


Do you like the MCU's version of Spider-Man? Let us know in the comments below!


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