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The new trailer for the upcoming Marvel film, Captain America: Civil War dropped and everyone is hyped up as hell. We got to see more of the conflict between Captain America and Iron Man, we got to see more Ant-Man and lastly we finally got to see our first look at Spider-Man in Marvel Cinematic Universe. The month of May literally cannot come any sooner.

However, there is a point in the trailer when Iron Man's friend War Machine is shot down and Tony rushes to the aid of his friend. They show the HUD of the Iron Man suit and you can almost clearly see what looks like a hologram of the Red Skull at the corner of the screen.

Many fans have speculated for years whether or not the Red Skull is finished with the Marvel Cinematic Universe as his fate in Captain America: The First Avenger was left unknown. Some say that he might be dead but others say that he might have been transported to another world or even maybe even Asgard.

Some fans have even theorized that Martin Freeman might be playing the Red Skull in disguise. That could be why Marvel kept his role in the film a secret for such a long period of time. Red Skull did disguise himself as a politician named Dell Rusk in the comic books. I guess only time will tell. Either way, I think its safe to say that Captain America: Civil War will be a nothing less than a hit.

What do you think? Do you think that the Red Skull is in Captain America: Civil War?


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