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Following the release of the new [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409) trailer, the Internet is abuzz. Everyone has their opinions, mostly positive, but a doubtful few have thoughts on the potential of the new Spider-Man.

James Gunn, director of Guardians Of The Galaxy, took some time out of his busy filming schedule for [Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2](tag:1081113) to say a couple of words about the new trailer, specifically the sudden appearance of Spider-Man!

Shortly after the trailer hit the Web, Gunn shared the trailer on his Facebook page and added a few personal comments with it. Here is what he had to say:

As I've said before this was one of my favorite Marvel movies (and, no, it's not something I say about all Marvel films). And I saw it before the visual effects were in. And, yes, Tom Holland is far and away the best Spidey ever.

So not only has Gunn already seen the entire movie, but he does know for a fact that Holland is the best Spider-Man ever!

In the comments, Gunn was asked a few question, to which he had swift replies:

Q: best spidey ever?! in what aspects? the action and movement, the general character and portrayal, or everything overall?

A: The character and portrayal. Holland is to Spidey/Peter Parker as Downey is to Iron Man, Ledger was to the Joker, and Pratt is to Quill.

Comparing Tom Holland to Robert Downey Jr. is a big leap, but Gunn has seen the film and clearly knows what he is talking about. He is not bound by Marvel to say these things — he just says what he knows to be true. We will most likely be saying the same thing come May.

One person commented, complaining that the trailer had given away the entire movie, to which Gunn quickly replied:

They don't.

That is actually very reassuring. I too was worried that the big plot twist at the end was Spider-Man's appearance, and Marvel had given it away much like DC had given away Doomsday. However, Gunn later reassured fans that there is a lot more to the movie. Having been one of very few to see the entire film, I believe him.

Gunn really worked to reassure audiences that this movie is everything we want it to be. He told us that even without the Fantastic Four and X-Men, Civil War works perfectly on screen and that the movie does indeed rock.

With Gunn's reassurance, I am much more confident in how great this movie will be, especially Holland's version of Peter Parker. That factor alone is probably what has worried most fans, but rest assured the great James Gunn has told us Holland is the best — and until further evidence comes about, I will believe him.

What do you think, though? Let me know in the comments, and thanks for reading!


Do you think Tom Holland will be "the best Spidey ever?"

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