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Remember the time when comic book collectors were like outcasts & boring. Not Anymore! In last few years specially after MARVEL took the risk with Iron man & started what known as the "best connected universe" in the cinema history, comicbook movies are now setting a high standard & expectation.

The last trailer for batman v Superman and the trailer 2 for Civil war has set the expectation beyond limits & here are few things which made Civil war gloriously awesome-

Watch the full trailer here-

Cinematography- 5 seconds in the trailer, we are served with 2 broad shots. ya may be digitally enhanced, but still visually delightful.

General is back- One of the major reason general Ross is in this movie, is how awesomely smart he looks with his age. Crisp voice & energy gives all the reason to welcome back the general.

Captain cool- Cap has earned so many fans not only because he behaves like a leader but he always remain calm & confident. He is like the manager i never had in my career. The new trailer again shows the real cap & his fighting attitude towards anything/anyone.

King of Wakanda- Just like millions of other fans, i was afraid about how they gonna project Black-panther in the picture. But this trailer keep us excited to see him for the first time in live action. He is fast, the costume looks awesome & seems like a bad-ass character in Team ironman.

Ironman shoots (hits) first- From the beginning, in the movies & in the civil war comicbook story, ironman has been way too aggressive on cap. The new trailer shows just the same as Tony hits the cap first. may be it was after war-machine died or injured. Not sure how Cap alone can stand against to the walking tank/jet like ironman, but this takes the movie beyond excitement.

Team Cap is killing it- With Ant-man, Winter solider, Scarlet which, Hawkeye & Falcon, team cap looks total bad ass. Everybody was worried as ironman has vision, but now we know Witch trying her best to control him. (which should not have been spoiled i guess). ** What an innocent looking witch. lol

And Finally the big reveal- It took 6 movies to get a legendary costume & the epic eye movement of Spider-man. And here it is. The entry looks amazing & i fallen in love with spiderman again even as my faith was shattered by earlier amazing (no) spiderman movies. The costume is pure fan service & this gives the movie its final push to become the number 1 movie of the year. " LOOK AT THOSE freaking EYES. You noticed that eye click sound at the end, that means tech & Tony stark helped spidey improve his suit. wow

2016 would go down in movie history as the most amazing year where 2 of the biggest comicbook heroes to fight in an efforts to start DC universe while MARVEL continues to telling people that "they own the comicbook movie genre for now."

And i still believe in


Can this be may already. God damn it, i can't sleep well!


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