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After watching the newest trailer for [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409), I'm sure you all were as shell-shocked and just downright stoked as I was! As an avid Marvel fan, I'm so excited for the next installment to be released on May 6th.

If you haven't seen it, watch it. You will not be disappointed.

Now there are a few points from this trailer that stick out most to me and I just wanna go over these:


Let's not beat around the bush and welcome the web-slinger himself. In this trailer we get our very first look at Tom Holland's Spider-man and I was not disappointed. I never expected him to play a huge part in the trailer and I think that adding him just at the end was the right way to go about it. Personally, I think that we're going to see an awesome side to Spider-man in this movie; he's younger and I'm expecting him to be a lot more naive than the ones portrayed by Andrew Garfield or Tobey Maguire. It's obvious from the way that Tony 'deploys' him and he steals Cap's shield that he's ; and also, if the story is going to be like the ACTUAL Civil War story line, then it's likely that he's going to be Tony Stark's right hand man and protege, until that is he possibly switches allegiances.



Now, Spider-man has pretty iconic suit (with changes here and there) and this one looks no different from any others... except one thing that I'm sure that you've all noticed. The eyes move!

Throughout the Sony films, Spider-man has stuck to making his own suit out of lycra and God knows what else, but this one is different, the eyes look mechanical; sort of like a camera zoom. This, to me, can only mean one thing, Tony Stark created this suit for him. This brings us to the IRON SPIDER! Now, obviously this suit looks nothing like the Iron Spider suit (seen below), but it could be a step between his original Spidey suit and the Iron Spider. Now the Iron Spider had zoom vision also (if I remember rightly) so we may just get a glimpse at it (maybe in the after credits scene). All I know is that I'm excited to see what else it can do in the film.

I wanna see this awesome suit!
I wanna see this awesome suit!


So we caught a glimpse of Black Panther in the previous trailer, but this time we actually got to see him in his Wakandan glory and he looks AWESOME! I'll be honest, I only really got into Black Panther from Earth's Mightiest Heroes (cartoon - go watch it), but after that I loved him and this trailer makes him look so cool. I can't wait to see the battle scenes with him in, especially with Bucky. In the trailer we see Black Panther chasing Bucky down a highway and scratching at his back tyre, sending The Winter Soldier off his bike into what looks like is gonna be a killer fight scene. Did I forget to mention that BP is on foot! So he's definitely got his speed and Vibranium claws. I can't wait to see what else is in store for this character as he's easily on of my favourites.


We first see Bucky in this trailer, seemingly dressed as The Winter Soldier, in some scientific cell/laboratory in the middle of an arctic wasteland, with what I assume is some sort of life support. Now, this raises some questions about this:

  • Where is he?
  • Who is keeping him there?
  • How does he get out?

This may be obvious to others, but these questions are raised in my head. Going from assumptions, I would say that he's probably in Siberian Russia or somewhere in eastern Europe, given the goings on of CA:TWS and I also think that he's being kept there by Baron Zemo. This would lead to Captain America searching for his friend and breaking him out of this 'lab', leading to the feud between Cap and Zemo. Now, I can't fill in the blanks and if you have any ideas, please comment below. Honestly, I just wanna see what Marvel have put together for this arc.


In the Civil War comics, Spider-man starts on , but after seeing some deep stuff, he decides to switch to . Now, at first glance Spidey seems on Tony's side in the trailer; however, if you look close enough, you'll see a clue that would suggest he makes the all-important switch. Once Spidey switched to Team Cap, he gets into a fight with Iron-man, in which he manages to break Tony's arm (through the Iron-man armour); if you look close enough, in the trailer, Tony is talking to Black Widow with his arm in a sling. To me, this suggests that Spider-man switches sides in the movie.

^^ This pic was stolen from Trevor Norkey ( - Go read this article!


Lastly, I wanna talk about this huge water base that seems to pop up out of the water! In the trailer, we see planes land on it, which would suggest that it's like a water equivalent of the Helicarrier (just an assumption). Now, in the next scene it seems to go into this base and we see prison cells. We also see Tony Stark outside these cells and I think it's safe to assume that these are for the Heroes that don't co-operate with the Superhuman Registration act. This would suggest that this could be Prison 42. Now this would normally be in the negative zone, but they could have put it on Earth? Could we see Cap in one of these cells at some point? And if so, what are they going to do with them after they've caught them? Leave them to rot or something more sinister? Guess we'll have to wait to find out.

Water base?
Water base?
I assume these are to keep the heroes?
I assume these are to keep the heroes?

There are other things I would want to write about, like the way Tony looks at Bucky with shock when he shoots the gun into Iron Man's hand? Or what is going to happen with Thunderbolt Ross? Are we going to see Red Hulk? However, I'm going to leave that for another day.

Now, with only 56 days until May 6th (from the time I'm writing this), we don't have long to wait to see the full thing in all it's majesty. But to be honest I can't wait that long!

Leave a comment on what you think about the trailer or even write your own article on it? Also, if I've got anything wrong, please let me know.



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