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I remember when checked out my weekly TV program being so hyped, Gotham, Flash, Arrow & Constantine.

I was so excited, and still am for Arrow and Flash, it is a shame that Constantine was canceled, still I think that it is not the end for Matt Ryan as Constantine.

My highest hopes I had for Gotham, let me explain you why. I am a fan of good crime TV and a good Police Show. My thoughts about this show was that in the Pilot we will get the murder of the Waynes, cameos from a few characters, and from there one, a good crime TV show.

In my opinion, Gotham did not need to give us Batman’s villains so early on.

Weekly crime cases, not even with DC characters, would have been enough.

Writing this I am getting just more and more furious.

I thought that after the pilot we wont see again Bruce Wayne, I would not have mind seeing him one or two times more in the entire series and in the meantime Det. Gordon would have investigated also who murdered the Waynes. And Bruce only would have being mentioned, for example:

A murder happened in a Hotel in Gotham city, Gordon & Bullock are investigating the case and ask the Housekeeping staff if they knew something, they talk to one of the Maids and find out that she worked before in Wayne Manor, why did she left? Bruce & Alfred are not in the Mansion anymore, they took their luggage and left, visiting Africa, for some Cross bike tournament.

Why is this more exciting? Bruce travelled also since he was young all around the world, and every little experience made him the Hero he is.

Penguin should have being introduced later, his story isn’t that bad but only because we are really seeing an origin story here.

What made me furious from the beginning is Edward Nymga, I mean, what age is he in his early 30s? Will Batman chase an 45ish Riddler when he starts being Batman? It just doesn’t makes sense, not just that, all this Nygma evolution to an psychotic persona and all this “hints” that was punched into your face that he will be the Riddler, like his Mug with the interrogation sign…really?

I am jumping around seasons here just to combine my points, I did not start watching Season 2…don’t see a reason why, but I do read episode recaps, my latest disappointment, Victor Fries…another character that could have being such a powerful story to tell.

Like for example:

In Gotham a Mysterious Disease is going around, people are getting sick and even Die. Jim & Harvey try to investigate what is happening since it is not a Natural cause, after further investigation they get to a Lab that works on Cryogenics where Dr. Victor Fries knows about this Disease since his wife Nora is already suffering from it for a long time, she is patient 0 and Victor needs to Cryogenic freeze here before she dies to find a cure.

Do not make him Mr.Freeze already.

If this goes further on, by the time Bruce is Batman, Gotham will be destroyed already…

The first season arc about the Mob, with Falcone, Maroni and Mooney was such a great idea and could have been such a strong arc if they would have focused more on that than all the other things. And in the middle of the Mob war Jim & Harvey trying to solve it and clean the GCPD from corrupt cops.

I remember when I read that the Court of Owls would be introduced in the second season of Gotham, my hopes came back that maybe, the show had a bad start, would get a change of rhythm and flow. If you know the court of owls in the comics books, you know they are just bad ass. They are controlling Gotham city since its construction and mysterious cases would have been solved at the end of the season by finding out that the court of owls had a big plan to destroy gotham , and Jim needs to stop it. He would never directly confront the Court like Batman but getting deep.

Imagine that:

Gotham shines again, after Fish Moneys death and Jim & Harvey finding a deal with Maroni and Falcone for now to have balance in Gotham until they find a way to completely destroy the Mob from the Inside. The main preoccupation that they ignored for now came from Fish, when she said in her last words before her death that Jim & Harvey are so wrong thinking that the Mob is controlling the city, that they don’t have any idea who really pulls the strings.

It just would have being perfect, keeping a “dark crime” tone to the show adding the court of owls and Jim & Harvey investigating who really controls Gotham.

With crime starting again in Gotham they need to stop the red hood gang, the idea is perfect, the uncatchable team, even if you would get a member from the gang, they would not have talk because they swear and oath. What brings me to the next disappointment.

The name of this disappointment: Jerome.

The Idea that we see always an possible “Joker Candidate” during the seasons was ok..just nods “Was that maybe him? Could he become...?” but in a minimum way, like in the Pilot the sad lousy standup comedian in Fish Mooneys club, great. But Jerome? The actor was good, he really was I do not deny that, but we do not need a “young Joker” please…we really don’t.

And now I saw something about hints that Hugo Strange could revive him? Come…on!!!

I just saw pictures of Hugo Strange, and yeah he looks good, but I do not know anything about his story arc in the TV Show. If he is treating Arkham patients on a cruel way, than yeah, good, this is Hugo Strange.

Recapping, my most favorite episodes from Gotham so far are the ones with Milo ventimiglia, in my opinion, this is what Gotham was supposed to be, a Crime Series with a almost not related villain of the DC Universe.

As far for the plans to introduce Batman villains good introduction of a Batman villain? Jonathan crane Why? It is an great origin story, the Age of Jonathan matches with Bruce and he would not be 20 years older than Batman when Bruce becomes him. It was a very interesting two part story about how this famous Batman villains can became what they are.

Even the cameo of Dick Graysons parents, wasn't a good episode, but this kind of cameos are acceptable and fun.

As a Batman fan, I think they just lost huge opportunities, it could have been an awesome show. Even if they would had made It possible, we could have get an crossover with the Arrow & Flash TV shows by showing Robert & Moira Queen, Arrows Ras Al Ghul, Damien Darhk, because that would be an universe, a time, where they would be fitting perfectly for guest appearance. Just imagine Ras Al Ghu just as an guest appearance,

Jim & Harvey meet up with a mysterious man called Ras al ghul, claiming that he is already living over hundred years. Thinking that he is crazy, they still need his help since he can further take them to more information about the court of owls.

Gotham belongs the league of Shadows
Gotham belongs the league of Shadows

It would have been wonderful, and possibly if they wouldn’t had gone so crazy and show all this crazy stuff before.

I know I do left out story arcs to tell and even characters but if I have to talk about them it is not about anything positive.

So as I said many times, I had so much high hopes for this show, and was so dissapointed. There is people who loves it and please, enjoy your TV show.


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