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FINALLY, fans have only been waiting 4 seasons!

Everyone's favorite IT girl and love of the Green Arrow himself, Felicity Smoak, aka Overwatch, was finally given her own official Arrow character image. Felicity Smoak entered into the Arrowverse in season one when she was tasked with repairing Oliver's unusually damaged laptop. She soon joined Diggle and Oliver in their fight to save Starling city after discovering Oliver's Arrow identity while saving his life, thus Team Arrow was born. Four season later and her and Oliver Queen are walking down the isle, well, almost at least, pending season 4 developments.

Felicity has been a fan favorite since she first appeared, even having the CW specifically request she be upgraded from a minor guest star to a series regular after seeing the dailies of her first episode. Played by actress Emily Bett Rickards, Felicity is the heart (and technology) behind the show based off of DC Comics Green Arrow, often acting as Oliver's guiding light or moral compass. In the photo below, Felicity is depicted in the very Matrix-esque Team Arrow foundry, while holding Mr. Terrific's, aka Curtis' T-Sphere in the palm of her hand.

The poster is everything I could hope for in a promotional image of Miss Smoak, she looks strong, smart, and in charge, and she doesn't have to wear a superhero cape or skimpy outfit to be so. The best thing about Felicity on Arrow, is her ability to be as heroic and brave as the vigilantes without wearing a mask. Something refreshing in the realm of female heroines! The photo also has a very comic-book Lois Lane feel to it, which I love.

When Arrow last left Felicity, she had broken off her engagement with Oliver after finding out her had lied about having a son to her. Oliver and team managed to put Damien Darhk where he belongs and save his son, but not his relationship to the disappointment of Olicity fans everywhere. Can Oliver still have his shot at a life with Felicity while being the Green Arrow? The grave scene suggests maybe not, but something tells me, they are going to pull through.

'Arrow' returns Wednesday March 23rd, 2016 on the CW at 8/7c!


Who do you think is in the grave?


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