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It is finally here: the final Captain America: Civil War trailer. It definitely gave all of us the chills, some ways good and some ways bad. The trailer was definitely awesome but as usual, Marvel puts a bit too much in their trailers, like Avengers: Age of Ultron. Anyways, there is a lot to discuss, speculate, and judge, so let's get on with it! Oh, and you haven't seen the trailer yet or you want to watch it again, it's free, no charge:

Bucky Is Held Captive

The first part of the trailer we get to drool into is the location of Bucky being locked up. It seems to be like the prison is in the middle of an isolated area to do scientific experiments on Bucky and possibly other people. That could potentially be a perfect spot for easter eggs. For instance, they could have an Inhuman locked up there. Also Cap has another pretty awesome line:

"We try to save as many people as we can. Sometimes that doesn't mean everybody but you don't give up."

Captain America is admitting here that he can't save everyone. That is a big problem for him as he is a character who not only prides himself in helping and defending others, but it is also an obligation for him. He looks at every single casualty with enormous weight.

Ant-Man post credit scene
Ant-Man post credit scene

The Ant-Man post credit scene was Steve and Sam finding Bucky locked up. This specific scene leads directly into the beginning of Captain America: Civil War. I envisage that Cap and Falcon are going to have to bail out Bucky and escape with him. Remember, this is still a Captain America solo film and at the end of The Winter Soldier, Cap and Falcon were about to go on a mission to look for Bucky. Therefore, the next Captain America film begins with Cap and Falcon finding Bucky, it all makes sense.

When it was announced that Civil War was going to be the final installment of the Captain America trilogy, I was excited but disappointed that they wouldn't touch on the events after The Winter Soldier, like finding Bucky. This is why I think the film is going to be extraordinary and be the best the Marvel Cinematic Universe has thrown at us thus far as it keeps that as the theme and expands on the Civil War and all the other Avengers, as it mainly focuses on Cap.

Also, the trailer shows us that the doors that Iron Man ripped open in the first trailer are in the facility where Bucky is being held captive as you see the doors being open by the guards. This could mean a couple of things. Iron Man could have heard that Bucky was being broken out and he went to go and stop Cap. The only issue with that theory is that it would be way too early in the movie to have Tony and Steve fight.

The Sokovia Accords

The next segment of the trailer may be my favorite part of the trailer as it is the causes of why this clash is even happening. We see scenes from the Battle of New York from The Avengers, the fall of S.H.I.E.L.D. in Captain America: Winter Soldier, which makes Falcon look away, and the Ultron Offensive in Avengers: Age of Ultron, which made Scarlett Witch look away. Then you see Cap staring at the screen and telling General Ross to turn it off. That scene was awesome and showed that those battles left marks on all of the Avengers. That was most likely my personal favorite scene from the entirety of the trailer. Also, let me point out as I think the Ultron Offensive was all the Avengers doing as they created Ultron, the fall of S.H.I.E.L.D. was not Cap, Falcon, or any of the Avengers' faults.

This also shows how much everything has evolved, especially Tony Stark. Now in Civil War, Iron Man is teaming up with General Ross and the government to stop the chaos that the Avengers has made. Tony Stark as a character has developed so much as back in the first two Iron Man films, he would mock the U.S. government publicly and fought a hard fight to protect his technology from their hands. It is almost ironic how he is now standing at their side.

In the original Iron Man, Tony Stark had to watch his inventions fall into the hands of terrorists. He had to watch his suit be replicated into a machine used for harm. He watched New York almost be defeated. He has seen visions of all the Avengers dying. He saw Ultron, who was built for peace, almost destroy the world. Tony is ready to side with the government and get the Avengers under control.

The Raft

The place which I mentioned earlier where Bucky is locked up, is that the Raft? It is a tall, circular structure which rises up out of the middle of the ocean. This is most likely Civil War's version of The Raft, which was a prison designed for super-powered containment in the Civil War comic books. The prison was built in the Negative Zone by Tony Stark and Reed Richards. Now, just who we might see in The Raft is a much more interesting question, and one we get zero hints of here. Like I said, it is an easter egg frenzy.

Black Panther vs. Winter Soldier

There are a bunch of awesome Black Panther action scenes, where most of them appear to be Black Panther fighting Winter Soldier. There is that one scene where Bucky is riding away on his motorcycle and Black Panther jumps on the back of the bike and claws the tire. Is there a supposed tension between them for a reason? We did see what I assume is a flashback scene of T'Challa during one of the Avengers battles.

My prediction is that when Winter Soldier was still brainwashed (as he is obviously not brainwashed for the most part in this movie), he had a mission in Wakanda. Maybe he killed some of T'Challa's people, possibly someone close to him? Marvel is definitely making sure that we are aware that these two have tension, and Winter Soldier having a mission which caused harm to Black Panther makes sense and further explains why he chose Iron Man's side besides the fact that the Avengers are practically destroying the world.

Is War Machine Dead?

If the first trailer didn't show us that Rhodey got very injured or killed, this one definitely did and this is one of the parts which shouldn't have been in the trailer. We see Bucky shoot War Machine in the chest and he falls to the ground which leads to the shot from the first trailer. This probably happens in the beginning of the second act and makes Tony even more motivated to take Cap down.

So, is War Machine dead or not? Marvel keeps showing us more and more of it, I'm not sure what they trying to do. They even made a Funko of a damaged War Machine, so I couldn't strongly say 'yes' or 'no' at this point. If I had to give my best guess, I would say no because I think Marvel wants everyone to think he's dead and they will bring him back. I also think Bucky did shoot him, as out of context that really feels because that gives Tony a striving reason to get Bucky.

The Deal with Black Widow and Tony's Broken Arm

As Black Widow is on Team Stark, she definitely seems to keep giving Tony crap. At one point, she is going to switch over to Cap's side, where she really belongs. Also, did anyone notice when Natasha told Tony to watch his back, he had a cast on. How did Tony break his arm? There are so many potential causes, but it could've been when Winter Soldier attacked Tony and tried to shoot him.

I'm still convinced that the scene with Cap in the house is the Parker residence. We were able to get a better look and you can see the newspaper over the door, peeled wallpaper, and the chipped walls. The Parkers are very poor and it makes perfect sense.

What's Going on with Vision and Scarlett Witch?

The Vision is a very powerful player and there has to be someone to balance out his powers. This is where Scarlett Witch comes in, who can control Vision. This is where their chemistry will begin like the comics. In the comic books, the Vision and Scarlett Witch got married and even ended up having kids! Scarlett Witch and Vision will have to battle out and it will be fun to watch.

Ant-Man+Hawkeye= Awesomeness!

We finally get to see Hawkeye shoot an arrow with Ant-Man riding on it! We see Ant-Man maneuvering over Iron Man's suit in a pretty awesome shot. I'm just very excited to see Giant Man take form. This is where Ant-Man will grow not very small but very big and it will be in this 15 minute airport scene, which was shot in IMAX entirely. Clint and Scott are both sarcastic and funny characters and will make a good duo.


There is the high resolution picture of Spider-Man. First of all, I wish that Marvel would have kept him a secret like Luke Skywalker but Marvel wanted everyone to talk about the movie and not get stuck in the Batman v Superman hype. Anyways, at first I hated the picture but now with this hi-res picture, it makes it look a lot better. How they showed Spider-Man was absolutely awesome and that took away my anger for showing him. I think when the CG is finished along with the whole movie in general, I think he will look great. Not much else to say, especially since there are 100 articles featured just about Spider-Man.

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Overall, I think the trailer was pretty awesome and was for sure the best one yet. As it does feel like they gave a lot away like trailers usually do, James Gunn, who saw the movie, said on Twitter that they gave away nothing. The film is so close and I can't wait to see it.


What do you think of Spider-Man's suit?

What did YOU guys think of the trailer? What was your favorite part? Tell me below!


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