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The newest and hopefully final trailer for "Captain American: Civil War" has arrived after a week full of teasing with new posters and small clips, so let's talk about why this trailer is so awesome.

I really liked how this trailer starts off with a look back at previous events in the MCU, them basically being the climaxes of "The Avengers", "The Winter Soldier", and "Age of Ultron". We find out that General Ross is finally returning to these movies after his first appearance in "The Incredible Hulk", and he along with Tony Stark are campaigning for some type of government intervention in keeping an eye on all superheroes and limiting them in what they can do. Simply put, Captain American doesn't like it and now him and Iron Man enter a state of conflict that lingers throughout the whole trailer very well. Right down to the dialogue they share to the metal bitch slap Iron Man gives to Captain America, this trailer displays a darker, more brutal series of events that are presumably going to change the MCU.

On that note, I personally can't shake off the feeling that someone important is going to die in this film. Marvel has a bit of a reputation when it comes to fake out deaths as shown in almost every movie they make, but I feel like with the Russo brothers returning to direct after taking some risky moves with "The Winter Soldier", there's going to be some big change and I feel it'll involve the death of an Avenger. The footage shown seems to point to War Machine dying, but I doubt Marvel would go as far as to show a death like that in the trailer.

With all of the new footage being shown, there's plenty of interesting story-driven stuff that can be seen, but there's plenty of nerdgasm money shots to be found as well. I loved seeing Black Panther and Bucky fighting each other, I had a huge smile on my face when it showed Ant-Man riding on Hawkeye's arrow, and it was great to see the shot of all the Avengers charging into battle to square off with one another. I can already tell that this movie probably won't fail from an action spectacle standpoint. I mean, come on, did you see that shot of Scarlet Witch bringing down the Vision?! How is that not badass?!

But the final part of the trailer that everyone is talking about is the reveal of none other than Spider-Man himself. I won't lie, the overall appearance of Spider-Man does look a bit CG heavy, and I can't help but nitpick on how the eyes are capable of moving on the suit, but that stuff is easily brushed aside by how great it is to see that this movie is going forward with Spidey's inclusion into the universe and how it'll affect future movies. The look of Spider-Man will most likely be improved in some last minute post-production and the line "Hey everyone" is obviously for the trailer only, so I'm optimistic for his role in the finished product.

All of that said, this was a solid trailer that does an even better job of hooking us into this movie's story. The first trailer for this movie was great in its own right, but this trailer gave us everything in terms of story, characters, money shots, and the reveal that everyone was dying to see. I was sold on this movie as soon as it was announced and now these trailers have elevated my excitement even more.


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